According to James Patterson, the new Book is merely a work of fiction, but that title is enough to scare the wits out of Stephen King’s avid constant readers. At this point, we will issue a spoiler alert, in case you don’t want to know how it ends.

The author says all the incidents and dialogue in the book, as well as all characters besides Stephen and Tabitha King, are all purely products of his imagination and must not be taken as real. And while that title is shocking, the story does, reportedly, have a happy ending. In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Patterson said he thought it was a good title, because it is exactly what the book is about, with one major exception.

The murder is only attempted and fortunately does not actually happen. The popular author added that maybe he should have put the word “attempted” in the title of the novel.

James Patterson and an obsessed Stephen King fan

According to Bustle, Patterson’s new book comes out on November 1 and is apparently 150 pages in length, telling the tale of an obsessed fan who wants to kill King (“Misery” anyone?) and the detective who is trying to save the horror author, who happens to have the rather familiar moniker “Jamie Peterson.” Reportedly the villain’s motive is made clear right at the start, with Patterson stating that the bad guy will write a tell-all book from his prison cell and will later be crowned the new “King of Horror.”

Reportedly the new book is part of Patterson’s “Bookshots” series.

These are reportedly "pulse-pounding thrillers” costing under $5 and of 150 pages or less in length. Patterson apparently collaborated with Derek Nikitas on the story. Many readers think Stephen King writes a lot of novels, but Patterson is pretty prolific himself, with several bestsellers produced each year, while the author also collaborates openly with several other authors.

No comment from Stephen King

As for King himself, reportedly his assistant declined to comment on “The Murder of Stephen King,” except to say Steve has received a copy in advance.

According to Patterson, the novel is a homage that gives praise to King and his work. He also referred to the fact that King has written about crazed readers in his own novels, including (as mentioned earlier) “Misery,” the tale of a "number one fan" who does terrible things to her favorite author after he kills off her most-loved character.

Patterson himself has reportedly had his own experiences with “scary kooks.” While he doesn’t personally know King, he says he has heard that he is a “neat guy.” However, while James speaks warmly of King, the latter has not always returned the compliments in the past. According to he reportedly said during an interview in 2009 with USA Weekend that Patterson was a “terrible writer,” but did admit he was very successful.

Let’s hope King doesn’t now reciprocate with an upcoming 1,000 page tome titled “The Murder of James Patterson.” However, when asked what he would do if that might happen, Patterson said if King wrote it, he would definitely want to read it.

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