Assembling toys can be a long and surprisingly challenging process. Mother of three Lauren Levy eventually became so frustrated with the tiny screws on her children’s playsets, dolls, and cars that she invented the “Toydriver,” asmall, battery operated screwdriver that is specifically designed to unhinge the small-to-medium-sized screws on all toy and game battery covers.

Whereas Lauren--an investment banker who graduated from NYU--initially created the product for herself, she quickly realized its potential and decided to market it to the public.

To date, the Toydriver has proven very popular with parents and toy industry professionals alike. Recently, Lauren spoke about her experiences inventing this item and her hopes for the future.


Blasting News (BN):You invented the Toydriver in your own home. How many items have you designed?

Lauren Levy (LL):I’ve designed clothing and accessories before but Toydriver is my first non-apparel invention!

BN:What was the process of making this idea into a reality? Essentially, how did you build it?

LL:Like many of today's moms, I'm a gadget girl who's short on time. I want to open a toy and get my kids playing with it as soon as possible. After not being able to find the tool I needed, I decided I had to bring tomarket a simple and affordable solution.Toydriver is really a mix between a screwdriver and a drill--which is how I originally built it--and it works fast, which is the main benefit!

BN:What was the marketing process like?

LL:I actually managed to get this marketed pretty easily since fumbling with toy battery covers is a problem that everyone with children has and can relate to instantly. When you say the words, "snaps on baby clothes" or "tiny screws on toy battery covers" most parents cringe. So, Toydriver has been a welcome solution.


BN:To date, what has been the most rewarding part of this adventure?

LL:Hearing my friends with toddlers who tell their mommies to go get the Toydriver when their toy needs some help!

Knowing I’m helping other parents and kids is the best feeling.

BN:Career wise, do you hope to bein ten years?

LL:I have no idea. With three kids under the age of three, I take things day by day.

BN:What advice would you give to someone who is striving to enter the design industry?

LL:Always solicit feedback on whatever you're working on from someone in a position to pay you for your efforts. When cash is at stake, you find out quickly if whatever you're doing is worthwhile.

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