Losing teeth is a standard part of growing up that many children look back on with fondness due to the legend of the Tooth Fairy. In 2015, author Ingrid Bencosme decided to breathe new life into the legend by writing a book titled Teeth Fairies. The rhyming book comes with a detailed Tooth Fairy plush toy and tells the story of the Teeth Fairies who help the Tooth Fairy look after all the children who have recently lost a tooth. Infused with educational information about dental hygiene and beautifully illustrated by Laura Watson, this story--which was awarded the 2016 Gold Mom's Choice Award and a Silver NAPPA Award in 2015--is intended for children but imaginative enough to amuse adults too.

Multimedia games, apps and webisodes are in development. Recently, Ingrid Bencosme spoke about her experiences working on this story and her hopes for the future:


Blasting News (BN): When was “Teeth Fairies” started and why was that specific name chosen?

Ingrid Bencosme (IB): “Teeth Fairies” was published in February 2015. We are a small, family-owned company. I chose the name to construe the idea that there is not only one tooth fairy, but many. The head tooth fairy assigns each child their own personal fairy who comes and goes throughout the tooth loss process.

BN: The book comes with an adorable toy. How would you describe both the story and the doll?

IB: “Teeth Fairies” encourages kids to brush, floss, and eat healthily. It gives children incentives through their own personal tooth fairy.

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The toy is a keepsake to record this special milestone.

BN: Right now, how many items do you sell through your company?

IB: We have one; the original “Teeth Fairies” set. Due to popular demand, we will celebrate diversity with the inclusion of multi-racial characters throughout the story. We plan to bring some of these characters to life in the future. 

BN: How did you think up ideas for your book?

IB: My children have been a great source of inspiration for me. I created Teeth Fairies for my daughter when she got her first loose tooth. I wanted to do something fun and different related to the tooth fairy and I could not find an existing product that fit the bill. My daughter was very interested in all aspects of the tooth fairy. She wanted to know what she looked like, where she lived, what she did with the teeth, etc. I wanted to provide a tangible character that she could relate to and find comfort in. My experience as a teacher demonstrated how engaged the children were whenever I read a story with a doll or puppet.

When I developed the Teeth Fairies story I knew I wanted to include the doll to make it an interactive set.

BN: To date, what has been the most rewarding part of working with Teeth Fairies?

IB: “Teeth Fairies” revolves around my family. It is a child-friendly product that lends itself to events where my children can get involved. I have taken them to charity, sales and community outreach events that have had a very positive influence on my children. The Teeth Fairies message brings good healthy habits in a fun way and having parents thank me for that in front of my own kids is very rewarding. It makes us all feel very proud.


BN: Where do you hope the book and characters will be in ten years?

IB: I hope Teeth Fairies will be in the home of every family that celebrates the Tooth Fairy tradition around the world.

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is striving to enter the children's book or toy market?

IB: It is a very competitive market but if you find a niche and believe in your story, I think you just have to go for it. Create a solid business plan, be patient and try to think outside of the box. 

BN: Are there any upcoming events that you would like to mention? 

IB: The 5th Annual Red Carpet Safety Event is coming up soon--I can’t wait!

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