Rachel Goldsmith is a New York artist who is best known for using 3D printing pens to create contemporary artwork that has garnered her a lot of acclaim in the art scene. Rachel is also skilled in painting and drawing and earned her Masters of Art and Design Education from Pratt Institute. She has been awarded numerous "Best in Show" prizes and was given the honor of being named the "3Doodler Artist of the Year" in 2015. In fact, the company commissioned her to create a piece for the renowned MoMA Design Store.Recently, Rachel spoke about her experiences as an artist.

The beginning

Blasting News (BN): When did you decide to become an artist?

Rachel Goldsmith(RG): I have always been an artist. In 2012 I found myself resenting my job, teaching visual arts in a NYC public middle school, because I didn't have enough time to focus on my own artistry. Dedicating my life and my career to creating art is a dream come true!

BN: Growing up, which artists/types of art interested you?

RG: Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, illustrated environments that have always fascinated me—whimsical, fantasy-lands, in which I wanted desperately to run around.

The closest I've come to running through one of Dr. Seuss' illustrations has been touring Barcelona and the incredibly enchanting work of Antoni Gaudi. The organic forms and vibrant colors of Dale Chihully's glass sculptures also inspire me.

BN: What inspires your work?

RG: I'm inspired by the environment and the contrast between man-made and nature and the contrast between the control I have over the media and how the media naturally interact with each other.

The scientific, almost stringent and exact, aspects of the environment are reflected in my obsessive attention to detail while the spontaneous aspects of nature are present in my organic and fluid compositions. The resulting artworks engage the tension between science and art as well as technology and handicraft.

BN: What galleries and venues have you exhibited in?

RG: I have shown my work at several galleries in New York City as part of group shows.

I've also been included in the last two spring Affordable Art Fairs, showing with Julio Valdez Studio.

BN: Do you have a favorite piece?

RG: I have a few favorite pieces. “Ova Obsessive” is the giant Faberge Egg that I created for The Big Egg Hunt in NYC and it is a favorite because it was one of the most challenging pieces I've done.The 3Doodled piece titled "Frankenstein" was cut up and reconfigured, ironed, gold-leafed, and painted. It was also the first piece in which I incorporated metal with the plastic. “Ramen Landscape” also incorporated metal with the plastic in a compelling way and “Under the 'Hey Now'” was the first piece in which I was collaging with the plastic.

I extruded PLA in circles, I baked the circles in a hot oven, and then I joined them together with a heat gun.

BN: How did you come to work with the 3Doodler?

RG: My dad sent me the 3Doodler from their original Kickstarter campaign. It arrived just after I finished “Ova Obsessive” which was fortuitous because I was ready for a new medium!

BN: Which piece made you the 3Doodler artist of the year?

RG: “Fire Shell” was the first piece that I created employing the oven technique. It’s the piece 3Doodler selected to represent my work as Artist of the Year.

The future

BN: What has been the most rewarding part of being an artist?

RG: The Affordable Art Fair, 2016, was an incredibly rewarding experience. Showing my work among other outstanding artists was inspirational. And most of my pieces sold, which was also nice!

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to become an artist?

RG: Don’t let rejections get you down. Continue creating and applying to calls. Hone your skills as an artist and a marketer.

BN: Are there any upcoming events that you would like to mention?

RG: Yes, I’ve been accepted into the Starry Night Exposure Program; they will exhibit my work at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami.

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