Catherine Mosley is an artist who work primarily with print, ink and canvas and holds an MFA from Columbia University. Catherine grew up in Minnesota and, after graduating from college in the early 1970s, moved to NYC where she established a print studio in Soho. She subsequently worked with inspirational artists includingR. Motherwell, Dan Flavin and Jules Olitski. Catherine is also an expedition mountaineer and a member of the N.Y. Chapter of the Explorers Club. She now has asecond studio in the Berkshires where she spends summers living and making art.

Recently she spoke about her experiences working as an Artist and her hopes for the future.


Blasting News (BN): How and when did you decide to become an artist?

Catherine Mosley (CM): I decided to become an artist when I was in college. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was growing up but once I got to college and started art classes I discovered printmaking which has been my field ever since.

BN: Growing up, which artists/types of art are you interested in?

CM: My father had a sign company so I learned lettering and sign painting as a kid.

I used paint and brushes at an early age.

BN: How would you describe your work and what inspires it?

CM: I would use the term geometric abstraction. I have been active the field of printmaking for many years. I had a business printing editions for artists including Robert Motherwell and Dan Flavin, so I lived in the world of Modernism.

BN: How did you go about getting in to galleries?

CM: I currently belong to A.I.R.

Gallery which I joined in 2012. I was invited to join by several friends who showed there.

BN: Do you have a favorite piece? If so which one, and why?

CM: I was very happy with a piece called “Scatter” which looks like the work flew up and landed on the back wall of the gallery in a random arrangement. Nothing is at a right angle.

BN: What are your mediums of choice?

CM: I have developed a process of mounting monotype materials on wood panels and adding collage elements.

BN: Are there any mediums you have not worked with yet but hope to soon?

CM: Maybe video.

BN: Your style is very vibrant and eye-catching. When and how did you develop this style?

CM: I use heavily pigmented ink which provides vibrant colors. I run the stencils several times in different directions to create multi-toned images. I spent a number of years teaching printmaking at Bennington College where I developed my monotype techniques.


BN: To date what has been the most rewarding experience involving your artwork?

CM: I would say that having my last two solo shows at A.I.R. Gallery was rewarding in terms of having a showcase for my ideas.

BN: What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an artist?

CM: The best thing is to get a job as an artist’s assistant even if you have to volunteer in the beginning. You will see what is involved in daily studio life.

BN: Are there upcoming projects or events you would like to mention?

CM: Yes, I will be participating in the E/AB print fair at The Tunnel in Chelsea during Print Week in early November 2016 at the A.I.R. booth.

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