As someone who is constantly switching back and forth from visual and written communication, inspiration is not only necessary, but it is part of my daily routine. Inspiration is key in order to create new and interesting ideas. Without it, bloggers experience writer's block and artists fall into the category ofnon-original or repetitive work.One can read all the inspirational memes in the world, and still not create anything without these simple tricks to trigger the imagination.

First things first, get outside!

Experiencing the energy of the city, or calmness of nature, is a great way to forget about everything and get inspired! From the pattern on a person's shirt to a smile on someone's face, and the rich texture among forest leaves -- all can spark ideas and help refresh the mind.

Treat yourself

Check out a local shop you have never been to before. Try a fun pastry that has always looked too good to eat, or put on a dress you would never dare to wear in public. These experimental tidbits of life invite new feelings and flavors that can lead to new perceptions and even, new routines!

Listen to music or sit in silence

Many introverts prefer to work in silence, but a change of sound can easily uplift one's mood and welcome new emotion into the way you communicate through whatever that outlet may be. Or, if you typically listen to music, try silence. Sometimes forgetting about the world around us, and focusing on our thoughts can be the best way to get back on track.

Surround yourself with beauty

Waking up to an organized environment with tasteful aesthetic can do wonders for the mind and soul. Whether it's putting away the last of the dishes, or using a brightly colored notebook, surrounding oneself with beauty is an excellent way to start the day on a successful path.

Geek out with others who have similar interests

As creators, sometimes all we need is a critique to jog our mind in a new direction.

Find a local illustrator group, or writers retreat. Hearing about other creators endeavors and listening to an outside perspective can be a huge motivator to finish unfinished work, or start a new idea!

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