What is the most magical #food in the world? I'm sure everybody will agree that it is possibly #ice-cream. It is very hard to find a person who doesn't love this magical food. Everybody loves it and everybody has a favorite flavor and brand. So why not taste one before summer ends? How is this delicious desert made? It might interest readers to know. Though each manufacturer develops their own special recipes for ice-cream, basically the production is the same everywhere. The major ingredient of making this magical food is milk. Ice-cream should have at least 10% of milk fat. Here's a little tip that every ice-cream lover should know: The percentage of milk fat affects the palatability, smoothness, and texture of it.

After adding relevant ingredients, the next step is to add flavorings. Many manufacturers use fruits, nuts and chocolate chips for flavor. Some countries are recognized for their delicious iced confections.


Jamaica is one of the best manufacturers in the world and that means every ice-cream lover should try to visit the place. They are specialized in rum-flavored, vodka-flavored and beer-based ice-creams. The most popular place for the chilly delight in Jamaica is, the 'Devon House' in Central Kingston. They have 27 flavors ranging from traditional cherry and pistachio to exotic flavors such as mango, coconut and soursop. They even have beer-flavored which is a hit!


Mexico is another popular country for this frozen dairy product. Their number one is called, "Paleta" which is a fruit-flavored popsicle.

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"Paleta" can be purchased in numerous parlors and from street vendors in Mexico. Additionally, for people who love traditional flavors, they can try vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. But I'm sure everybody wants to try something new in their lifetime.


When talking about ice-cream, Italy is a must! They make the best and number one in the world - "Gelato". It is pretty certain that almost everybody must have heard of "Gelato". For those who haven't heard of "Gelato", it is a soft ice-cream with a smooth texture. It melts in your mouth slowly. So, if you haven't tasted a "Gelato" yet, then it is high time for you to try one.

In addition to these countries, France, Australia, Denmark, New York and Turkey are some other the places that every ice-cream lover should visit if they can.