The professional world is changing with the advancements in technology. Businesses want their twitter page to have a good following, as most of marketing and advertising is going digital.Even getting the job is going digital. Job applications can be submitted through a company's website. Many employers are now conducting their Interview process through video conferences.

There are some differences that come with having an interview through a video conference. Aspects from phone and in-person interviews are combined. With video interviews, there is the convenience of a phone interview along with the need for professionalism of an in-person interview.

Know the software

What software or program is the company going to use for the video interview? It's important to familiarize yourself with it before the interview. You don't want to be scrambling when it comes time. You may need to download some software and each site is different. Knowing how it works will help the interview run more smoothly and make you more confident.

Dress to impress

It's very important to dress professionally when one is interviewed for a job in person, and the same goes for a video conference. Your interviewer's first impression of you is going to include your appearance. Make sure your clothes are clean, not wrinkly, and professional.

Setting the scene

Going off of what you wear, it's also important to have the correct setting and lighting for the interview.

The wrong setting can give off an unprofessional effect and bad lighting can make it hard for the interviewer to see you. A good tip is to set up early and try out different areas and lighting before the interview begins. Also, if you live with other people, set up in a space that doesn't have a lot of traffic and let those living with you know about the interview in advance.

Overall advice

Just like any other interview, preparation is essential. Writing down some key points from your resume or some answers you think you could use is a good way to get in the right mindset. If you're particularly nervous, jotting some things down on sticky notes and putting them around your screen is a good way to have some notes without having to look down at a paper constantly during your interview.Some employers will also want you to share your screen with them, but even if they don't, do not try to look up things during the interview.

They will know. If anything, perhaps have your resume pulled up to reference specific dates.

Speaking of computers, make sure that you are using a computer that you are familiar with. There are so many types out there, and companies are constantly coming out with new releases. 2015 MacBook Pros are now discounted as a new 2016 version will be coming soon. No matter the brand or model, it should be fully charged, and double-checking that your internet connection is sound is crucial to helping things run smoothly from a technological standpoint.

From you side of things, make sure to smile and look engaged. Speak at a good pace that will help the interviewer understand you properly. Wait approximately three seconds after a question is asked to reply.

This gives you time to think about the question so you don't ramble later on. Try your best not to fidget, as this can be distracting to your interviewer.

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