Halloween Horror Nights 26 features nine haunted houses for 2016, and six of them are based on intellectual properties from movies and TV shows that bring familiar names in the genre to the park. Some of the houses re-create famous scenes from the movies, which is fitting at a park like Universal Studios Florida, while others put a unique spin on things. Here's a list of the six IP houses this year, along with some comments on each:


Halloween is a well-known horror movie franchise that first came to Halloween Horror Nights back in 2014. It’s back at Universal Studios Orlando, and it carries through the story with a focus on the sequel that continues the story of murderous Michael Myers.

It faithfully recreates some of the movie’s iconic moments, and guests encounter Myers throughout the entire maze, which is jam-packed with the jump scares you’d expect.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Chainsaws are a Halloween Horror Nights staple. They’re usually out in the scare zones, but they’re made occasional appearances inside the haunted houses too. This year they’re featured prominently in ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ another house that stays true to its source material. Guests are thrust into the Sawyer family home and make their way through while trying to avoid victims of the cannibalistic clan. It’s another jump scare house, with the chainsaws kicking things up a notch. If you make it through the house, you’ll find plenty of chainsaws out on the streets of Universal Studios Florida, too.

The Exorcist

‘The Exorcist’ is a 1973 horror movie classic, and the creative minds at Universal Orlando Resort decided to do a different take on it. Instead of going through the movie scene by scene, they wondered what it would look like to see the events through Reagan’s eyes. The result for Halloween Horror Nights is a journey through familiar scenes with a dream-like overlay with the chilling notes of ‘Tubular Bells’ as a running backdrop.

Iconic scenes like Reagan’s spinning head and her floating in the air at the height of the exorcism are all included.

The Walking Dead

In years past, the haunted houses and scare zones based on ‘The Walking Dead’ all focused on different seasons. This year, Halloween Horror Nights features a maze that brings together a ‘best of’ look at several seasons.

Fans literally wind their way through some of the most memorable moments throughout the show’s run, starting with the hospital where it all began, with Walkers lurking around every corner. It’s a fitting homage to the longest running IP event theme at Universal Studios Florida.


‘Krampus’ is black comedy about what happens when family conflict gets out of hand at Christmas. The Halloween Horror Nights haunted house captures the comedic spirit, and even some cheery smells of the season (many of the mazes uses smell, as well as sight and sound to create their atmosphere). While not as scary as the other IP-based houses, it’s still a fun romp.

American Horror Story

One of the best mazes at Halloween Horror Nights 26 is ‘American Horror Story,’ based on select seasons of the FX series.

The well-crafted scenes will make you feel like you’re in the show, portraying iconic stories like the tale of Twisty the clown, 'Hotel,' and 'Murder House.' This haunted house also uses disorientation via strobes very effectively to set you up for more scares.

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