Tommy Hilfigerhas long been a favorite of celebrities, with people from all over the entertainment industry rocking his clothing. In recent years, he has taken to collaborating with some of his muses, including Zooey Deschanel and, most recently, Gigi Hadid.

Hilfiger has long been a friend of the Hadid family, and Gigi has modeled in runway shows for various Hilfiger collections. Now, the two have teamed up on Gigi X, a collection that hits stores this month.

Runway on the Pier

While pieces from the collection were unveiled in April, the full collection made its runway debut on September 9th as part of New York Fashion Week.

Rather than strutting down a catwalk, models walked the boardwalk, likely an homage to Hadid's upbringing in laid-back Southern California. The carnivalatmosphere, complete with flashing lights served as the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of this collection, which features looks that are fun, youthful and sporty.

Gigi X

The Gigi X collection keeps within the tone of the Hilfiger brand, with pieces that are preppy, yet stylish. It includes several variations on the sports jacket, with lightweight warmups in black and white.

Playing on the 90s fashion comeback that was all over fall runways, Gigi X also features several cropped tops from sweaters to shell tops for the more daring fashionistas. Many of its pieces feature bold, geometric prints with a signature jacket that is a military inspired staple.

A Weekend Event

Those in New York who didn't attend the runway show still have the chance to preview the collection, via the carnival which will be open to the public on the 10th.

Hilfiger fans who aren't in New York were able to purchase pieces from the collection online immediately following the show, and looks will be available in stores shortly.

This approach is a departure from traditional fashion week events, which usually showcase looks that won't be in stores until the following season. By unveiling parts of the collection in April and pairing it with "The Girl" fragrance campaign, Hilfiger was able to create a buzz, ensuring a packed house at the show.

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