Portugal won its only Nobel Prize in medicine in 1949. Egas Moniz won it for the development of a procedure called a “lobotomy.” At first, he perfected it by conducting the treatment on animals. Later, after his acclaimed success on humans, Lobotomies would become a procedure performed in America. The doctor would begin by drilling holes in either side of the skull and cutting the prefrontal lobes (front) of the brain. It was believed that mental illness was a problem that originated in the frontal lobes and by destroying this part of the brain, it would liberate that person from mental health problems.

This procedure was widely used and highly acclaimed for its success. After a while, it would be crudely suggested by critics that, we may need our entire brain. Who would have guessed? Lobotomies would fade away, and remain only a dark part of psychiatric history. Now, let us move forward to the subject of TMS- the use of electricity in the brain to aid in the well-being of that person.

A few years ago TMS was all the talk. A 15,000 dollar machine was getting a lot of attention. DCS, (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) helps those suffering from depression, insomnia, and those needing mood regulation.

How?TMS was originally conducted within an office setting by a doctor. An electrical current travels through a coil of wires and creates a powerful magnet that has the capability to alter the brain. When an electrical field is created, the neurons in the brain can be effected, and ultimately, alter the chemistry of the brain.

Buy an electrical stimulator to solve your depression and insomnia

The FDA approved home-kit noninvasive brain stimulation.

This would allow people to conduct electrical stimulation in their own home, without a doctor. The main side effects that a person might experience; are headaches, but these generally pass after multiple treatments. A burning scalp is another side effect. If these are the worst of the side effects, what is the problem? Instead of going to a doctors office for TMS therapy, would it be cheaper just to buy an electric stimulator online?

Michael Fox, M.D.,PhD. speaks out about the harm the buy-at-home machines may do to a person. For a few hundred dollars people could purchase a contraption for self-use, but is this safe? Fox says, “Whereas some risks, such as burns to the skin and complications resulting from electrical equipment failures are well recognized, other problematic issues may not be immediately apparent.” says Fox.

There is a good reason that Fox and others say to be hesitant. Nobody knows how TMS works. Although it is known that it affects the brain by causing a depolarization of electrons and the discharge of neurons, beyond that, it is a bit of mystery.

Use with caution!’

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