Every borough in NewYork breeds talent in one way or another. Namely, musical talent. It could be someonein the streets singing and dancing or someone driving by playing music from the aux cord. Either way, you are bound to hear music in the city of New York. New York served as the mecca for the game of rap and birthed countless lyrical masterminds. (e.g. Big Pun, Nas, Big L, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z).

Let's take a look at three New York artists that everyone can't stop listening to.

3. Desiigner (G.O.O.D. #Music)

Sidney Selby III, better known as Designer is an energetic nineteen-year-old from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

His song, "Panda," eclipsed number one onthe Billboard Top 100 charts when he was only eighteen.

Designer joinedthe likes of G.O.O.D. #music thanks to Pusha T, the new President of the creative musiclabel. However, many people are waiting for Desiigner to match Panda's hype.Desiigner stole the spotlight with his "Timmy Turner" freestyle on the XXL Freshman cypher.

Furthermore, his newest project, "New English" proved to be underwhelming as it sounded unfinished and raw as a whole. Considering the fact that he is young and newtothe limelight, it is fair to assume that Desiigner has some more hits stashed in the vault.

Certainly, he has chosen to surround himself with talented visionaries so that we can expectcorrective measures and fine tuning to come as a result of collaboration and experience.

Endless upside and potential placesthis enthusiastic #NewYork artist above his competition.

2.Young M.A.

Young M.A. has establisheda strong persona throughout her life. Born and raised in Brooklyn, #NewYork this artisthas always remained true to her city. At age seven, M.A.moved to Virginia because her mom wanted to transfer her to a better school.

Regardless, she always managed to visit Brooklyn on summers, holidays and birthdays to maintain a connection with close friends and family.

At age seventeen, her twenty-year-old brother was murdered, and Young M.A. moved back to her hometown and committed herself to a career in #music. On August 8, 2014, her freestyle over the 'Chiraq' instrumental titled, "Brooklyn" went viral and had amassed more than fivemillion views to this day.

In November 2015, her first EP titled, 'Sleep Walking hit the airwaves.

The release party for M.A.'s project sold out Webster Hall. The beautiful part about this artist is the way that she carries herself. From first glance, it is not difficult to tell that Young M.A. has always remained true.

On May 7, 2015, she announced her deal withDuck Down music live from B.B. King on 42nd St. inTimes Square. Five days later, her single, "OOOUUU" reached Bobby Shmurda (2014) level popularity viaYouTube.

Since then, 50 Cent has endorsed Young M.A. as the "hottest sh*t out right now" but also mentioned that he believes she glorifies killing too much in her music. All in all, Young "M.A." (short for 'Me. Always.') Proves an impressive ability for storytelling.

She is unafraid of portraying her regular lifestyle which as a resulthas built an appeal to which she can run with.

1. A-Boogie

Artist Dubose a.k.a. A-Boogie wit da hoodie reigns from theHighbridge area of the Bronx in #NewYork.He started rapping when he was thirteen but couldn't stay out of trouble, and consequently, his parents made him move to Florida as punishment.

The self-titled mixtape, 'Artist' released in February of 2016 and ignited hip-hop #musicbuzz countrywide. His dual personas, Artist (love) and A-Boogie (street) illustrate hisjourney as a complex individual. A-Boogie performed on the second night of Drake and Future's Summer sixteen tour in Madison Square Garden.

This artist maintains a terrific balance between emotion and aggression in his music.

Adverse situations have influenced A-Boogie's authentic style, en route to allowing him to blossom asthe hottest rappercoming out of #NewYork.

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