Elizabeth Gilbert, best known for being the author of Eat, Pray, Love, introduced the public to a way of getting a handle on life and enjoying it. In her 2006 memoir, Gilbert shares how she spent a year travelingto India and Indonesia to do some spiritual and personal exploration. Book publishers were so interested in her proposal that they advanced her $200,000 for her travels even before she began.

Her publishers were not disappointed and found that their money was well spent. The 2006 memoir stayed on the New York Times Best Seller list for 199 weeks in December 2010.

The book was also made into a film starring Julia Roberts in 2010. It is a chronicle of Gilbert's year of traveling abroad for her to eat, pray and love.

Gilbert and husband

While on her travels, Gilbert met José Nunes in Bali, and they got married in 2007. She gives intimate details of their relationship in her memoir. They became business partners running a large Asian import store called "Two Buttons." They sold the store in 2015.

This week, Gilbert wrote on Facebook that she is a lesbian. In July, the 47-year-old writer left her husband.

At the time, she cited it was because of very personal reasons. This week, she confessed that she left her husband because she is in love with her best friend of 15 years, and Rayya Elias is also in love with her.

Gilbert andlesbian lover

On September 7, Gilbert did not beat around the bush or write in codes. Instead, she published a very long Facebook post saying that she is in a lesbian relationship with her best friend, writer Rayya Elias.

Gilbert left her husband to be with Elias who has been diagnosed with incurable pancreatic and liver cancer.

Gilbert decided that being with the 55-year-old cancer patient is where she needs to be in order to walk through the journey with her as she battles her illness. She summarizes the relationship by saying she loves Rayya, and Rayya loves her.

Support for Gilbert

The author has gotten lots of support since she announced her lesbian relationship.

Many people have wished Elizabeth well after leaving a heterosexual marriage to be with a same-sex partner later in life especially since the partner has an incurable disease.

The writer was praised for her courage and honesty. Among the 10,000 comments following Gilbert's post is one that sums up all the others. One person wrote: “It seems you and your life have been put on this earth to be our unfaltering beacon, our truth-giver and our steady guide. Ever since Eat, Pray, Love, you’ve been an inspiration.”

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