Dr. Panda is a series of app games dedicated to providing kids with open-ended play experiences. Akin to the offerings by Toca Boca, Fox & Sheep, and Budge Studios, Dr. Panda uses its Apps as virtual dollhouses where kids can decorate rooms, move characters and create stories at their whim without there being any "right" or "wrong" way to play.

On September 8th, 2016, the company released "Dr. Panda Bath Time" which takes place in a bathroom setting and offers some basic educational information abouthygiene routines embedded within the fun of the free play.


Being part an imaginative series, "Dr. Panda Bath Time" enables kids to let the characters go snorkeling in the tub, give pets bubble baths and dry themselves with a blow dryer. "With this app, we have spent more time developing the character’s personalities so kids will be able to see more expressive and fun animations from each animal,"

Chief Commercial Officer Tom Buyckx explained. Twan Mul, the lead game designer and producer of the app, takes delight in designing cities, characters and stories and has been part of over twenty games while working for Dr.

Panda. “My favorite moment is always when I see my passionate team pick up my ideas and make them into a virtual reality,” Twan Mul explained.

“The art team did a great job of creating a warm and fun bathroom; the animators worked so hard on making each animal feel different and have their own dynamic personality such as how each of them enters the room in a different way. The programmers brought all the concepts and art together in such a way that kids can imagine, explore and have lots of fun!”.

Twan Mul openly admits that his favorite character is the female monkey, although he also has a soft-spot for Dr. Panda himself who serves as the host in all of the games. “He guides the players through the game and gives them the opportunity to become a mailman, work in the airport, fly into space--but this time, Dr. Panda is just like the other animals, and it makes me happy that his personality can be explored by the player,” said Twan Mul.


“Dr. Panda Bath Time” is a fun addition to the franchise that has a markedly simpler premise than most of the games on the roster. Whereas the School and Racers apps immerse children in entire worlds based on large specific locations--namely, a school house and a race track stadium--this particular episode takes place entirely in a household setting--specifically, a bathroom. While it might seem as if this setting would severely limit the play possibilities, the game designers found a way to keep this edition just as fresh, fun and innovative as the previous offerings. The animation style in this game is noticeably sharper than in previous installments.

Children can choose whether to do the laundry (and hang up the clean clothes), take a bath, take a shower, go to the toilet (non-graphically) and/or wash their hands at the sink. Elements like having the ability to turn radios on and off, add bubbles to the bath, play with bath toys add to the appeal of the game since these are actions that will surely resonate with children.

That said, this game is slightly more restrictive than some of the other offerings since taking a bath is a private activity, and so there is generally only one character on the screen at a time unlike in games that take place in social settings.

Overall, the Dr. Panda franchise has enjoyed over fifty million downloads worldwide, and the company shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

“We're always on the lookout for new adventures for Dr. Panda and his friends, and have many new places to see and things to do in store for our fans,” Twan Mul stated. “We are currently revisiting one of our most loved games, and I'm really excited. In our games, we try to capture everything the Dr. Panda brand stands for friendly, fun, caring and a little hint of education on the side. We have several new updates coming soon.”

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