The coloring is an important part of playtime for children, and it has relaxing properties for adults. Creative Playthings company Crayola understands the benefits of coloring and has subsequently released a line of coloring books that have themes appealing to tweens and teens.The “Art With Edge” coloring book series includes imagery that is enticing to both boys and girls, and a few of the editions contain illustrations that are ideal for Halloween such as zombies and sugar skulls.


Coloring Books for adults and kids has been a growing trend for the past several years. Companies ranging from Blick Art Materials to Barnes & Nobel have released their own lines of relaxing coloring book series such as “Color Me Calm” and “The Art of Coloring.” Yet Crayola aimed to create designs that were fun and funky and ideal for room decoration, not just relaxing.

“At Crayola, we’ve always believed that creativity is cool for anyone at any age,” said Product Manager Jill Crane. “There are numerous societal factors that are contributing to the surge in coloring activities. For teens, it’s to step away from tightly-scheduled days and other stressors since coloring promotes relaxation and a chance to get away from screens for a while. Plus, the patterns look really cool when they are finished, and they can be useful for decorating.”


The themes for the coloring books were inspired largely by pop-culture such as the incredible popularity of sugar skulls zombies which increases even more as Halloween draws closer. Some of the themes—which were all illustrated by commissioned artists of Crayola--were even taken from traditionally “lowbrow” art forms like graffiti and emojis.

While it was somewhat challenging to decipher exactly what initially

While it was somewhat challenging to initially decipher exactly what depictions would garner the most interest from the tween age range, the rewards of seeing people interact with the finished product made the effort worthwhile. “We’re so honored to be in the position to foster creative thinking and to deliver a creative experience that’s both fun and satisfying,” Jill Crane explained.

“If we’ve delivered a great creative experience, then we’ve done our job.” Crayola plans to expand its wares in the coming months and the brand is planning to release unique coloring experiences in the very near future. “We will continue to deliver the unexpected,” Jill Crane stated. “We will certainly keep consumers’ creativity on the edge.”

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