Now that Labor Day is over most kids are back at school, and there is a dire need for Backpacks; since backpacks can be used as both a useful tool and a fashion statement there are a wide array of styles and colors that will prove appealing to kids of various ages and interests.

Characters and backpacks

Cartoon Network is a media company that has inspired many backpack designs. A cutting-edge, innovative and well-established producer of animated materials for all age, children'sshows have long-been a Cartoon Network staple and "The Powerpuff Girls" are one of their most popular brands overall.

Despite airing nearly twenty years ago in 1998, the show remains beloved by fans--as are several other franchises including "Dexters Lab" and "Johnny Bravo."In August of 2016, Cartoon Network released a backpack and a lunchbox adorned with images from the "Powerpuff Girls" which returned to Cartoon Network airwaves in April 2016.

The backpack features characters Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles flying through the air, fighting evil, and always saving the world before bedtime.

The 16” backpacks are large enough to hold books, supplies and necessities and include sidemesh pockets, a padded back and straps to keep kids comfortable.

Otherpopular shows--"Adventure Time" and "Steven Universe"--are also offering backpacks from the line.

Backpacks as playthings

"Star Wars" is yet another franchise that has proven to be massively successful. With the latest film introducing new characters, robot BB8 has grown very popularand Toys 'R Us is offering a BB8-shaped backpack alongside backpacks from major licenses such as Disney, Nintendo, Pokemon, Barbie and more.

Furthermore,Kids Cat "Love Ur Selfie" is a great design for kids who love cats and/or leopard prints.

Lisa Frank is another brand that has many offerings that are ideal for children who love animals and colors. Meanwhile,Neat-Oh toys offers both backpacks and soft lunch boxes that double as playsets and/or dollhouses which come equipped with dolls and horse figurines.

This makes them among some of the most unusual and interesting backpacks on the market.Undoubtedly, a quick Google search for packs will come up with a number of interesting options to suit any style.

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