Technology is making toys seem increasingly lifelike, from CogniToy's Dino to Hasbro's remarkable FurReal Friends, technology is often infused with playthings that are usually regaled as both innovative and fun. Brands from Avanti to TROBO have found a way to infuse Bluetooth Technology with lovable plush characters and the Bluebee Pals by Kayla Concepts LLC are the latest toys to feature Bluetooth technology albeit with constant updates and ever-changing content.


There are presently five plush toys in the Bluebee line:Leo the Lion,Hudson the PuppyorRiley the Zebra, Sammy the Bear orLily the Lamb.Users are encouraged to sita laptop, tablet or smartphone onto the toys laps and then sync the tablet to the toy.

The stuffed animal will subsequently move its lips along to the content on the screen and thereby talk, sing or read to a child.The toys are intended to amuse very young children--even those as young as two or three--but they appeal can easily extend to six or seven-year-olds. “The Bluebee Pals offer children endless and updated entertainment and education,” said company Founder and President Laura Jiencke. “While connected to the app they sing, read stories and teach reading, and math. They can also speak in any language. They can even receive phone calls and foster a unique communication experience between children and family members.”


These toys are educational and aim to make language and literacy fun; they even work with foreign language apps and content.

Therefore, they are useful to teachers as well as parents and they have been cited as being very useful to children with special needs. Despite being newly launched, BluebeePals have already won seven notable industry awards including the Teachers’ Choice Award for outstanding performance and exceptional quality in the classroom and at home.

The Bluebee Pals team openly admits that the positive testimonials they receive from the parents, teachers, and therapists who utilize the toys for communicating and learning is the best part of working with the brand. “We want children to participate in communication and stimulate learning with a tangible plush companion,” Laura Jiencke explained.

“The concept to combine online digital content with a plush best friend has been successful which is what we intended. In the near future, we want to raise awareness of how these toys can be used as tech learning companions and increase their popularity.”

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