An Arizonamother had tried unsuccessfully to teach her 3-year-old daughter to use her seat belt. Michelle Fortin was at her wits' end when she decided she needed reinforcement. On her ride home Monday when her daughter kept unbuckling her seat belt, the mother stopped and called thepoliceto teach her daughter a valuable lesson. The Scottsdale police had no problem with the request, and they were happy to explain the safety of wearing a seat belt to the toddler.

Mother and toddler

Fortin said she knows it was an extreme choice on her part to call the police.

However, she knew her daughter would listen to the police quicker than listening to her. Also, her daughter would remember the lesson longer when it came from a police officer since she respects the men and women in uniform as authority figures. The mother wanted someone to back up her teaching, and the police did just that.

Police and 3-year-old

Other parents might find that Fortin's strategy was extreme, but the strategy seems to have worked and no harm was done. The police explained the safety of a seat belt and how it protects her while she is a passenger in a car.Michelle's daughter, Camille, said she understood what the officer explained to her.

She promised the police that she would always keep her seat belt on from now on. It is a good thing that the child was not frightened. Instead, she listened attentively to what the police had to say. She will probably share the information with others and tell them the same thing her mother and the police told her.

What do you think?

Do you think the Arizona mother was too extreme in her decision to call the police for reinforcement about wearing a seat belt?

According to the video that can be viewed above, it seems that the child was not afraid and listened to what the officer taught her. Do you think Camille will keep her promise to use her seat belt from now on? Would you have taken the approach with your child that Michelle Fortin took with her 3-year-old daughter? In this particular case, all's well that ends well.

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