If you're a traveler and a food lover, then you should definitely visit Amsterdam. The Netherlands is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. This is not a surprise as Amsterdam gets more than 4.63 million visitors every year. Food in Amsterdam is very unique. From sugar fluffy pancakes to many more kinds of food, Dutch have theirown their position in food. There are many restaurants in Amsterdam where they offer a huge variety of European, Asian, Middle-eastern and North and South American cuisine-specialized restaurants.

Further, Amsterdam has many markets, where they sell a variety of products.

Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp is one of the most popular and oldest markets in Amsterdam which began in 1904. It's the most popular and crowded market in Amsterdam. Albert Cuyp market has more than 300 stalls filled with vegetables, fruits, clothes, cosmetics and many other things. The most interesting fact about this market is that the prices are among the cheapest in Amsterdam. That's the fabulous trick they use to attract visitors towards their market.

The market gets crowded normally on sunny days and Saturdays but opens every day. Albert Cuyp have their traditional Dutch refreshments along with a huge variety of cheeses!

Names of Dutch food you should try

  • Stroopwafel - It's two thin waffles stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup.
  • Kibbeling - A food made with deep-fried morsels of white fish
  • Poffertjes - It's very similar to pancakes
  • Stampot
  • Tompouce - It's a cream filled pastry
  • Bitterballen - A deep fried crispy meatball served with mustard
  • Patatje Oorlog

I'm sure you'll definitely love these!

Other than the food, Amsterdam is a good place to visit as it has many attractions including, museums, parks, historical buildings and manyother places of interest. Here's a little clue about Amsterdam: You might get lost in its beauty. So, if you're a traveler, and a food explorer at the same time, then, Amsterdam is a good place to start. I mean, who doesn't love food?!

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