At 99 years old, most people are retired. That's not the case with Elisabeth Davis. The elderly woman not only still works, but she has been at the same job for 80 years. She has been working at the Culver Academics, a preparatory school in Culver, Indiana since 1936 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President of the United States. The secretary has her own office with the same typewriter she has used for decades even though parts have had to be special ordered to keep it running all these years.

She also writes some documents in longhand.

Elisabeth Davis' tenure

Davis started working at the school after she first graduated from high school because she did not have enough money to continue her education. One of her relatives worked in admission, and the school needed help. She was admired by the faculty, students, and their parents. She loved her job, and she was so good at it that she never left. After Davis' husband died in 2004, she continued working because she said it helped her to stay busy.

Working kept her from sitting home and being lonely. She prefers beingaround people, and she loves her job.

Davis' duties

Davis is not excused from her work because of her age. In fact, she is doing the same things she has always done. She is in charge of the personnel files of every faculty member. She keeps their records up to date without letting anything slip through the cracks. A hard copy of the files is always available because Davis doesn't use a computer.

She charts allachievements and updates records by hand. People compliment her on her beautiful penmanship. Bill Hargraves, director of strategic communications at the school, commented that when former members of the faculty return to get information from their files, they are always amazed at how neat everything is after 20 or 30 years since they were there.

Davis' future

No one knows what the future holds for them.

Davis still lives alone at her home. She rides with another employee to and from school. The 80-year employee admits it is not safe for her to be driving anymore. She does not plan to retire anytime soon. The school is not going to force her to retire. No one is complaining about her workbecause she is very efficient and does her work well.

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