Scented toys and games have been a trend since the first “scented stickers” hit the market in the late 1970s. One of the most prominent brands of “scented”-themed playthings on the market today are the Whiffer Sniffers, a line of plush toys shaped like edible items with strong aromas to match. The franchise is part of the family-owned Bearington Collection Company which has been manufacturing award-winning Plush Toys for nearly twenty years. In the summer of 2016, the company announced the release of the third series of the highly collectible Whiffer Sniffers brand that features ten all new characters equipped with unique names and distinctive personalities.


Creating toys with establishedcharacters and unique personalities is a staple of the Bearington Collection Company and so it is fitting that each Whiffer Sniffer has a clever name and a personality to match its model and scent. For example, "Katie Cotton" is a cute, girly character who is shaped like -- and smells like -- cotton candy. Like the two previous series, the Whiffer Sniffers come in a variety of sizes -- from large models that can essentially serve as pillows to miniature collectible plush with hooks that make ideal backpack decorations.

There are also scented stickers available. Given the uniqueness of these products, they hold quirky appeal to collectors. The softfabric is designed to be colorful and fairly detailed which makes them both visually appealing and huggable.Indeed, Scented Items like candles and stickers never entirely go out of style, even Crayola offers a box of scented pens and the "scratch n sniff" format had even extended into children's picture books.

Yet the concept of making aroma-filled stuffed toys is something quite unique, especially since these items can easily double as air fresheners.


Since their inception in 2014, the Whiffer Sniffers have become very successful and there are now 32 unique characters included in the series. "Sales have been exceeding expectations," said Brad Stray, Owner/President of the Bearington Collection. "There is a sense of nostalgia surrounding the products as a result of the80s Scratch n' Sniff stickers which might help to explain their popularity with consumers.

We will plan to continue producing this line and finding new ways to tell the characters’ stories.”

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