With all of the resources available to us through the Internet, it's made it so much easier to find inspiration for all of the parts of our lives. Whether it be food, interior design, or fashion, it's all at the touch of our fingertips.

Wearis an app that was created in Japan and is now available for iOS and Android in the U.S. It focuses on street style and has a goal of making the looks accessible to those who see them.

The Difference

In reality, we come in all different shapes and sizes; we don't all look like models such as Gigi Hadid. Anyone can post on Wear, meaning you can find someone with your shape, so you know how different trends and ideas are going to look onyou.

You can use the app to cater to your specific needs, and that doesn't just mean shape. By following the accounts you want, it's easy to customize your feed to fit your taste. For example, length is another key factor that affects your style. Wear allows users to put their height in their profile, making it easier to know how length is going to affect a look.

Also, while many models and celebrities look amazing in whatever they are deciding to rock that day, that doesn't mean that everyone can afford it. With Wear, you can see what people are wearing who don't have millions of dollars for their style budget. As a bonus, you can shop for the exact look that you see in the photo.

When a look is uploaded, the user can tag where a piece is from.

They have a compilation of higher end brands and inexpensive ones so finding a new outfit within your budget is easier than ever!

On the flip side

Wear is a great way to show your style! If you have a passion for fashion, this is the place for you. Uploading your own content is easy. Wear has teamed up with publications such as Refinery29 and Vogue for contests that users can enter.

Users vote on the look that they like best, and the most popular looks are then displayed on the publications website. It's a great networking tool for those who are aspiring to break into the fashion world. Users can even publish blog posts up to 4000 characters to their profile to further showcase their knowledge.

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