You have heard that dark chocolate is good for you when eaten moderately. Researchers are conducting a study to find out just how beneficialcocoa extract is to the human body. Volunteers are recruited to help researchers determine the additional benefits of eating dark chocolate that they don't know about already. The study will show important data about consuming dark chocolate as a supplement.

About the research

The study will be conducted on men aged 60 and older and women aged 65 and older. The duration of the study is four years where half of the subjects will take cocoa extract capsules that contain as much extract that a person will get from eating 1,000 calories of dark chocolate.

Like in most studies, the other half will take a placebo pill without any extract. None of the volunteers will know which pill they are taking. Mars Inc. and Pfizer Inc. will provide funding and support for the study.

What the study will prove

Over time, the study will determine whether cocoa in chocolate will reduce risks of heart attacks, strokes,and other related illnesses. If the results are positive and turn out the way researchers are expecting, consumers of dark chocolate might be able to purchase asupply from the supplement aisle as well as from the candy section in their local grocery store. Also, it will eliminate a lot of guilt when swallowing a capsule instead of eating an ounce of chocolate.

Responses to the study

While the study seems positive and rewarding, it also has one major downfall. People take enough pills as it is. To take a pill with chocolate in it doesn't seem so appealing. Chocolate is a comfort food, and it leads the list of things people crave and enjoy. Once it becomes a nutritional supplement that has to be swallowed with a glass of water, it won't be a pleasure anymorethe way chocolate has become for most people.

Some people have concluded that consumingchocolate in a pill can't be enjoyable. What do you think about eating your chocolate in a pill even if the calories are lower? Would you be interested in the four-year study where there is a chance you could get free dark chocolate during that time?

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