Tylenol has been linked to a host of harmful side effects. Overuse of this drug has been known to cause liver damage, and in some cases, severe liver failure. The list of rare to typical side effects is also quite lengthy, even if you are not pregnant. Now, research published in a journal by JAMA Pediatrics suggest that Tylenol or acetaminophen use during pregnancy may cause hyperactivity and even autism to surface as the child grows older.

Early use of Tylenol during pregnancy increases risk

According to the study, a woman who takes Tylenol during the early stages of pregnancy has a 42% chance of having a child with behavioral issues.

If taken later during pregnancy the percent increases and a wide range of behavioral problems could surface in the child by the time he or she is seven years old. This is compared to pregnant women who did not take Tylenol or acetaminophen tablets during their pregnancy.

The study published by JAMA suggest that the use of Tylenol during pregnancy may interfere with the brain development of the baby, thus creating a host of issues, perhaps even autism. 2,644 pregnant women were enrolled in one particular study and monitored both during and after their pregnancy.

The babies born from these studies were evaluated depending on the mother’s Tylenol use during pregnancy.

Testing shows shocking results leading to use of Tylenol

The researchers reportedly evaluated the children using several tests including, Childhood Autism Spectrum Test and Bayley Scales of Infant Development. The study showed that children born to mothers who used Tylenol showed a higher percent of developmental issues, including attention problems that have linked Tylenol use to ADHD and Autism issues.

Studies also show that boys are more susceptible to harmful side effects from Tylenol use during development than girls are. Claudia Avella-Garcia, who was one of the researchers,speculates that male babies may be more vulnerable to the exposure of the drug than girls are during brain development.

Why do doctors still suggest Tylenol for pregnant women?

Tylenol has always been the “safe” drug to prescribe for a pregnant women’s aches and pains, though it does nothing but masks the symptoms of backaches and swollen feet.

Considering, the alternatives such as ibuprofen, doctors usually choose the safer drug for pregnant women when they need it.

Fevers in pregnant women can also harm the development of the baby’s brain, so it does stand to reason that something needs to be done to protect unborn children from the mother’s illnesses during pregnancy. Different doctors and different studies will all argue the effects of Tylenol to unborn babies.

Pregnant women should discuss the harmful (or non-harmful) effects of Tylenol to the development of their babies, do their own research and be aware of what may or may not harm their child, both during development in the womb and possibly later on in life.

The use of other drugs both during and after pregnancy for children has also come under fire. While considered safe if used properly most are often being used in ways that they were never meant to be. Benadryl, which is for allergies, has been known to cause infant deaths from incorrect use.

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