Many people regard Politics as a joke and so the novelty gift market has used this years’ particularly madcap election to create a number of hilarious toys, games and gift items in the likeness of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. From politically-themed toilet paper to zany Halloween costumes and masks, Trump and Clinton have been made figures of pop-culture spite and amusement. A company known as SCS Direct has even gone so far as to release a “Donald Trump Inspired Collectors Mug.” The 16 oz.

coffee cup depicts Donald Trump’s pouty facial expression and is opened at the top…meaning that it comes with a removable toupee lid! Keeping with this wacky theme, SCS Direct has also released two card Games--that actually work well as a set--which poke fun at both presidential hopefuls.

Crazy cards

Card games have long been a popular form of amusement and the “Humanity Hates Trump” and “Humanity Hates Hillary TOO” decks are nothing if not amusing. These humorous card games manage to satirize the 2016 election whilst also giving people a reason to partake in game nights.

To play, each person is dealt ten white Cards that include a word or a phrase. In every round, players take turns serving as a “judge” and draw one black card that contains a question or a fill-in-the-blank sentence. Players respond to the judge’s card by using their favorite white card (and its content) to fill it in. The funniest answer wins the round. So, for example, a black card might read “Make ___ Great Again!

” and players will have to choose a phrase from a white card--such as “What’s Her Face” or “A Huge Wall”--to fill in the blank in the funniest and/or craziest way possible. Each deck contains 250 cards ensuring a lot of potential for re-matches.

Crazier current events

Both of the card sets aim to make players have a good time by laughing and making a mockery of current events. To that end, the cards include real-life “iconic” statements by both Trump and Hillary and mention various scandals involving them.

Like many funny T-shirts and memes attacking both parties, these items make a joke out of the latest governmental news and the political figures that are at its forefront without picking sides. “Everyone is up in arms over this year’s election,” stated Howard Greenspan, owner of SCS Direct Inc. “Our card games have been tremendously successful because many Americans simply need to share a good laugh and make light of the controversies surrounding the 2016 presidential election--no matter who you plan on voting for.”

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