Patients are often asked by their dentists if they flossed on a daily basis. Only about 40 percent said they flossed their teeth every day. A recent report has surfaced which is good News for people who don't like to floss. The report is controversial among dentists because their patients are thinking they don't need to floss any longer.People have been told all their lives by their dentists that they needed to floss every day. People who didn't floss felt guilty when they had to confess to their dentist that they didn't floss.

What the reportsays about flossing

The news received mixed opinions.

It is hard to believe flossing does little to protect teeth and keepgums healthy. A dentist with the National Institute of Dental and Cardiofacial Research said the evidence for the value of flossing one's teeth is fairly weak. The study was a long and costly one.The Surgeon General recommended flossing in reports in 1979. In 2016, the word "floss" doesn't show up at all in the dietary list of recommendations from the federal government.The bottom line about the report is that there is no evidence to support that flossing helps that much. The only thing it does is get particles from between a person's teeth.

What dentists say about flossing

Not all dentists are accepting the latest news about flossing.

Most dentists said they will continue telling their patients about the benefits of flossing. They will also continue to give free dental floss to patients on every visit. Dentists know some patients lie anyway about how often they floss. Some dentists say flossing helps protect your teeth and keep your gums healthy.

What people say about flossing

Even with the new information, some people said they will continue to floss to protect their teeth. The main reason they say is that flossing makes their mouth feel better. Another reason people give is that they have been in the habit of flossing all their lives, so it will be hard to stop flossing now.

Besides, whatare they going to do with all that floss they have on hand? If people had a problem flossing before, they will probably not start doing it now. Will you continue to floss, or will you stop based on the recent news about flossing?

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