For more than 6,000 years, every culture known to man has employed the tradition of wedding bands in their marriage ceremonies. Always too, the fourth finger of the left hand is where the band lived until death (or at least, love) did them part. But all that has changed and wearable technology has now invaded and possibly altered forever the sacred bond that unites lovers from any degree of separation. Meet the HB wedding band created by The Touch, a wearable tech company.

The Touch HB wedding band

The chilled hand of technology has now permeated the institution of marriage with the introduction of a smart gadget that has been described as “ the most sophisticated ring in the world.” There is no other wedding ring like it anywhere, as it allows the wearer of the ring to actually feel the rhythm of their partner’s heartbeat as it is pounding. With this ring, there is no such animal as a long-distance relationship because the wearers of this ring are only as only as far away as the beating of their own hearts.

This special wedding band is not the very first item ever created with the capacity to transmit heartbeats, but it still represents an original concept in one special regard. The Apple Watch beat the Touch company to it with their Digital Touch app, but their feature, while effective, can only send recorded heartbeats and cannot work in real time as the HB ring does.

How does the Touch HB ring work?

If you think about it, this ring represents the weird union of an inanimate object to a living breathing human being thanks to the advances in wearable technology. There is no magic; just a ring with an accompanying app that allows wearers to add each others' profiles and then, via a simple tap on the ring, the ring finger becomes the recipient of the other person’s heartbeat.

Talk about sending a kiss! This is so much heavier and…a bit scarier too. Anyone out there remember Edgar Allen Poe’s horror masterpiece, The Tell Tale Heart?

How is the HB ring made?

Either rose gold or stainless steel can house the inner workings of the HB wedding band. These rings are crafted with a scratch-proof and water-resistant block of sapphire crystal and the Touch company boasts that each ring is comprised of over 100 separate parts, including sensors; a feedback monitor; a battery and an LED display, just to name a few. A bit costly, a set of 18K rose gold rings starts at $3,000 and stainless steel at $600.

There is a strange voyeur-like aspect to the Touch HB wedding band. It is kind of like waking up to find someone watching you sleep from the foot of the bed. It’s a bit creepy, no?

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