The influx of tourists to Dubai has resulted in some of the best and most luxurious hotels coming up in this city state which is part of the United Arab Emirates. The volume of traffic can be gauged from the fact that 61 million visitors passed through Dubai airport. Only New York had greater traffic.

I have been often to Dubai and Abu Dhabi (capital of the UAE) and each visit has left me wonderstruck with the awesome facilities including hotels in the city. One of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai is the Royal Mirage Hotel located on the Jumeirah beach.

The management of the Hotel is entirely in the hands of expatriates. All the senior positions like the GM and F&B manager are mostly manned by expatriates from America and Europe while at the lower end of the workforce, the staff is mostly from the sub-continent (India). To stay in the hotel during the tourist season it is mandatory to book for a 5-night stay. Charges are steep befitting a super luxury resort hotel.

The palace

The hotel has 3 distinct areas that integrate together. The areas are the Palace, theArabian court, and the residential suites.

The palace is located right on the beachfront and has 250 residential suites. Along with standard facilities like a spa, swimming pool, and gym, the hotel also has a putting green for golfers.

The palace is a delight for the gourmet with 3 luxury restaurants that individually cater to Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Arabian cuisine. There is also a 24 hour Oriental Cafe in the main hall that serves exotic pastries and beverages.

The palace also boasts off the Kasbar night club where dancers from Spain and Latin America entertain the guests.

Arabian court

The second part of the hotel is the Arabian Court. This has 162 rooms and 10 presidential suites. This part of the hotel has all around decor and construction which is a reflection of Arabian architecture.

The last part of the hotel are the residential suites. These are built keeping in mind the Arabian culture with separaterooms for the women (zenana).

There is also an Oriental Hammam (bath) which is a delight by itself.

The Hotel is a state of art luxury establishment and a well-heeled visitor cannot afford to miss it. Lastly, it is a favorite with visitors from America and Europe.

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