Washington, D.C. is one of the most popular U.S. destinations for both individuals and their families as well as history buffs. Each year, the nation's capital is visited by a number of schools taking field trips to discover more about the nation's history. Visitors to Washington, D.C. will find the city both educational and fun with numerous historical sites waiting to be explored. There are also many other attractions to visit such as the art galleries and museums exhibiting items from a bygone era. And let's not forget the most famous landmark in Washington, D.C.; no visit is complete without seeing the White House.

Popular Attractions

During your visit to Washington, D.C. you may want to choose a variety of sites that are interesting for all your family members to enjoy. A few of the attractions are bleak reminders of the countless lives lost during the early conflicts, while various other attractions such as the Smithsonian, Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of African Art provide visitors with a closer look at the country's history.

One particular attraction not to be overlooked is the U.S Capitol building where individuals can choose to take a guided tour and perhaps attend a session. A few other sites well worth visiting are the US Supreme Court as well as the Library of Congress. Family members will find the Library of Congress an exciting site considering that it houses over 26 million books, documents, photographs, and films all well preserved, which is more than any other library in the world.


No visit to Washington, D.C. is complete without having seen the Lincoln Memorial. Picture yourself walking up the steps to view up close the enormous statue of the 16th President, as well as observing the 19-foot bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson, the nation's 3rd President, and the Washington Monument.

Each year, millions of visitors come to Arlington National Cemetery to pay their respect to the fallen heroes, U.S. Presidents, and their families. Other sites that are a vital part of the nation's sacrifice is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, WWII Memorial, and Korean Memorial.

River Cruises

One more way to experience the area's history is by a river cruise on the Potomac.

Many of these river cruises offer day trips to Mount Vernon, a famous historic site. The estate was the residence of George Washington, the nation's first president. Visitors can explore the mansion's vast plantation and gardens while getting a view to more than a dozen original buildings.

Washington, D.C. offers visitors a glimpse back into the past as well as a closer look into the nation's future. The city makes it possible for visitors interested in politics a close-up view into the daily functions of the governing administration.

First-time visitors will be surprised at how much different Washington, D.C. is compared to as having watched, read and studied about the city's history.

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