Customization and personalization are starting to play a key role in the relationships between consumers and businesses. Women and girls are especially interested in customization processes and companies ranging from Shoes of Prey to Mixify Polish have given people a chance to create unique items with their own original use of colors and styles via virtual templates.

A startup company known as Kidbox is now extending this trend to children’s clothing. A partnership between CEO Haim Dabah--who has extensive experience in retail--and CTO Gal Brill who is a technology expert, Kidbox is innovative in enabling children to acquire outfits and accessories that are customized to suit their particular style.

Current offerings

Kidbox is not the first company to offer customized clothing services to kids. In fact, personalizing products like hats and T-shirts has been popular since at least the 1980s. Websites like Zazzle, FabKids, Custom Ink and Personalization Mall all offer personalized products for kids (especially babies) yet Kidbox takes that interest to the next level via a team of nine engineers who are based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The company is still very much a startup in its fledgling stages having only opened for business on March 29, 2016.

They currently offer a number of clothing items for boys and girls ages 2 to 14 including shirts, pants, dresses and even some branded clothing. Kidbox uses individualized technology to make a profile of each user.

Essentially, through machine-learning algorithms, the system knows what items to recommend to specific customers. This is much akin to the “recommended for you” tabs seen on Amazon and Netflix.

However, to ensure the best results, Kidbox asks the parent and child to answer questions and pick out their favorite looks from groups of photos. Then the system curates the appropriate outfits which are personalized to suit each child’s unique preferences.

Upcoming events

Computer programming and data analysis are technologies that are increasingly playing a huge role in the fashion industry, and Kidbox hopes to find further ways to personalize their offerings.

They are open to collaborations and will be appearing at a back-to-school event with The Moms and The New York Family Magazine. “It’s being held at a hotel venue in New York, and they’ll be hosting a show live on SiriusXM.” Gal Brill said. “We’re expecting to see many bloggers and influencers there from the mommy audience.”

The company is also active in a “Kidbox Cares” program which they have launched in collaboration with K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers which is the largest nonprofit dedicated to providing new clothing to children in need throughout the United States. “Kidbox outfits a child in need for every complete box purchased,” CTO Gal Brill declared.

“The most rewarding part of working with Kidbox is knowing that we make parents lives easier, make kids happier and give back to the community. It’s a win-win situation all around, and it makes me very happy to be a part of something so wonderful.”

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