The health experts at Mom Junction claim that most of the Fast Foods are bad for Pregnant Women. We know that fast foods are laden with sugar, white flour, fats, carbohydrates, and preservatives. The medical professionals never recommend these unhealthy items to the patients of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other problems. If you are about to become a mother, you need to be careful as the fast foods are good for nothing. Mom Junction experts say that you should eat homemade items.

However, if you are out and feeling hungry, you can choose any of the below mentioned fast foods.


The pregnant women should stay away from cheese, Mom Junction health experts say. If you cannot live without burgers, you can try a zinger burger. Make sure this has no mayonnaise or extra sauces because these ingredients are harmful during pregnancy. You can try fresh salad and tomato ketchup with your zinger burger.


We all love pizza. This mouth-watering food is rich in nutrients. However, Mom Junction doctors have mentioned that pizzas are not good for expecting women.

The reason is that these have loads of cheese, and meatballs. Also, the caramelized onions used in the pizzas can make you obese. As pregnancy is the very sensitive period, you should not eat a pizza with extra toppings of pepperoni, meatballs, peppers, and mushrooms. You can try vegetable pizzas that have spinach and herbs. At the same time, you should keep the calories down. For this, a chickenpizza without cheese has no alternative.


A sandwich is an ideal snack when you feel hungry. Researchers at Mom Junction have said that the sandwiches with leaner meat likechicken or vegetables are good for pregnant women. The sandwiches that have loads of carbs and saturated fats can cause heart problems. As a pregnant woman, you should use snacks with no carbs.

Noodle soups

Most people love noodle soup. It is one of the healthiest fast foods for pregnant women, Mom Junction researchers say.

This appetizer has no saturated fats so it is safe for children and expecting women. If you feel hungry, ask for noodle soups with extra veggies. You should not order the noodle soups that have high amount of meatballs.

From the onset of pregnancy to delivery, you need to pay attention to baby’s health. Try these fast foods only when you need to eat something urgently.

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