Falling in love and then taking that relationship happily to its destination is the dream of every couple, yet many relationships fail due toincompatibility. So, how can you find yourcompatibility and ensure your relationship has a better future? This can be determined by analyzing the characteristics that your partner exhibits.

When you think about your perfect partner, you expect some special traitslike good looks, personality, humor, etc. to be there in your ideal partner. And it is not uncommon knowledge that a person who meets most of your proposed traits is more likely to keep you happyand science also supports this general theory.

However, every trait is not equally important. Research claims there are two traits that are more significant for happy and everlasting relationships than others:

  1. Warmth
  2. Loyalty

Research process

It has beenfound in a recent study that warmth and loyalty are two effective traits that determine the happiness of relationships. In this study, researchers surveyed 195 undergraduate students and asked them a few questions about their love relationships and ideal partner characteristics.

The research was divided into two sections based on two different questions:

  • What are all the traits your ideal partner has?
  • How important is each trait?


The results were impressive. When the researchers assessed all the details of the answers, they found partners who embody these two characteristics are having more romantic and healthier relationships.

However, it does not mean that the other traits have no significance orno impact on the relationships. Those are also essential at the initial stage of the relationship and help to take therelationship forward.


Love binds two hearts with a thin string of emotions and if it is missing then presumably relationship will not grow.

This factor also makes these two traits more imperative to make relationships everlasting.Absence of other traits will not affect the relationship as long as you seek warmth and loyalty in your partner.

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