The individuals who have spent many years in a 9-to-5 job know that it is not so easy to earn a living. They hate their career choices as these prove to be tedious, monotonous, and boring. Most importantly the salary is terrible, and we cannot even pay our bills.

Doing such jobs makes no sense, but when you have no other option you would forcefully do them just to get something every month. A lot of Modern Jobs are both interesting and well-paying.

We are confident that you would be satisfied with the flexible work schedules of these positions.

At the same time, the pay is so attractive that these become irresistible for any job hunter. Let us take a look at the list of the jobs that are capable of paying big money to the potential and hard working candidates.

Food stylist – $45,000

Have you ever thought of becoming a food stylist? If no, then you should opt for this career as it pays up to $45,000. For most of us, a food stylist is nothing more than someone who works a lot and earns pennies.

This job is widely supposed to be tedious and cheap, but it is actually an interesting profession.

The attractive pictures of the cuisines you see in the magazines, on televisions, and on billboards is the professional work of food stylists.

Respiratory therapist – $56,000

These days, the number of respiratory disorders has been increased. The factors that contribute to these health complications are pollution and hectic routine of life. A respiratory therapist, thus, plays his significant role in helping the people recover from many diseases.

He takes good care of the patients and gives suggestions about how to deal with difficult breathing, emphysema lung diseases, heart attacks, shock, and drowning. It sounds great to save the lives of people, but the best thing is that a respiratory therapist makes $56,000 or more.

Photographer – $60,000

No doubt, photography is one of the easiest and most interesting modern careers. To become a photographer, you don’t need to be a graduate.

Anyone who can perfectly focus on an object and can click it from the right angle can become a professional photographer.

Amazingly, the job pays up to $60,000, and there is no short of work. Thanks to the smartphone manufacturers who have made it a lot easier for us to click the things that captivate our attention. Using a mobile phone, you can take quality pictures anytime, anywhere.

Freelance writer or blogger – $60,000

Blogging has become a full-fledged industry. With the passage of time, students have opted for this career in a large number as it provides them chances to earn a living. If you have the ability to write something unique, you can become a successful Blogger or content writer.

Freelance writers earn up to $60,000, and that’s quite handsome income. To do the job, you just need a computer and fast speed Internet connection. Using your writing capabilities, you can make as much as you want.

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