What is your aim in life? What is the most suitable career for you? No matter what you end up doing, you always want the things you are passionate about. It would not be wrong to say that every job has its tough schedule. Certainly whatever career you choose gives you specific targets to achieve. You can battle through the tough working days if you don't leave the hope and continue working. Some of the career choices are incredibly sought after such as doctors and lawyers. It seems that in such Professions, there is too much burden on you.

As a result of this, you become the victim of depression and anxiety. Studies have revealed that the high rate of suicide is the result of terrible job timings and/or financial crisis. Let us check out today's list.


For teachers, there are many challenges. According to a survey report of western Pennsylvanians, teaching is one of the 50 industries that put too much pressure on our minds. This has also been indicated that 30% of teachers claim that they’ve battled depression during the job.

As compared to this, the salary of the teachers is insufficient. The experts of Pennsylvania report that depression in teachers is not only a personal strugglebut alsoit badly affects the learning experience of students.

Legal services

Are you a lawyer? If yes, then you know how much work burden legal services bring. It has been determined that about 14% of individuals in this career suffer from anxiety and depression-like health complications.

Whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal, or judge, you understand that there are numerous challenges. On a daily basis, the victims of crimes visit the law officers to get their problems solved. Thus, it is one of the new career choices that most of us hate because of the hectic routine. It incredibly damages one’s overall mindset.

Real estate

A Real Estate business is profitable but not suitable for those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, and other similar disorders.

This is due to the reason that there are so many challenges.The WPen study reveals that roughly 16% of employees in the real estate industry are suffering from depression. This is one of the professions where you have an incredibly high-pressure. As compared to this, the commission is insufficient. Thus, we recommend that you don’t opt for this stressful career.

Social workers

Jobs in which you are to work for the betterment of human beings are very hectic. These accompany a lot to deal with especially when you work as a social activist. The social workers are ranked high on the rate of depression because this profession demands that you remain available 24/7.

Also, you have to provide services to the poor and needy persons living in distant areas. For this, you would travel long miles. It can be hectic for anyone who dislikes traveling in summer. A study conducted in July 2016 determined that 58% of social workers suffer from a high level of stress.

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