If you were to search through your bag or pockets you would probably come across a tube or tub of lip balm. While you may have only used it to moisturize your lips you might be surprised to know that this tiny little stick has can be applied in other areas. Check out the below hacks!

Foot Savior

Chapped heels are not attractive and worst yet our dried out feet can cause chafing. To reduce friction rub a little lip balm on areas where you normally feel pinching and squeezing or just notice redness.

Also, applied to our cuticles can help to stave off ingrown toe nails. Try liberally applying EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm to affected places at bedtime.

Full Face

Rushing to get out the door in mornings can cause us to sometimes sacrifice great makeup application. If you have ever smudged your mascara you know that it isn't an easy clean up task. Apply a coconut milk based lip balm such as EOS Visibly soft in Coconut Milk and shazam the goo is gone. It can also have the same magical effect with pimples by allowing for a smoother surface for your foundation to lie upon.

For an added bonus apply a dewy version to cheeks and you will get the just stepped out of the shower look.

Hitting the beach is summertime joy but all that blustery wind and thick humidity can wreck your lenses. Can you say greasy? Simply rub a littlelip balmon the lens and wipe clean with a dry cloth for the same results you would achieve with Windex.

Wear your short shorts

Hot weather means short shorts and itsy bitsy bikinis which means shaving, shaving and shaving.

Using a little lip grease can help soothe nicks. Keep it stored in the fridge and it can stop the sting as well as seal the wound helping to stop the bleeding.That cooled balm can also ameliorate sun burnt lips.

Hair Affair

Dealing with frizz and flyaways from the high temps and moist air makes no one look put together. Rub your fingers on your lip balm and apply to your out of control hair. It will surprise you with the wonders it works on those baby hairs in front and back as well.

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