It has been five years since Legoland opened in Winter Garden, Fla., and the park is still growing. This theme park is planning lodgings so families can stay. With all the new attractions, you can’t see it all in one day.

On the grounds of the former Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Legoland has become a fun place to visit with families. What child doesn’t like to play with Lego bricks and to see gigantic figures and attractions made from hundreds and thousands of these building pieces makes for an awesome attraction.

Legoland originally opened Oct. 15, 2011, on 145-acres of Cypress Gardens. The botanical park was preserved and redesigned with a Lego theme for kids and adults alike.

Legoland plans overnight accommodations

Legoland opened an on-site hotel this year with five floors and 152 rooms. The park plans to construct a beach-themed retreat with 83 duplex units next. These cabins look like they are made from Lego blocks. The beach retreat idea is unique to Legoland Florida Resort. Florida’s Legoland general manager, Adrian Jones, feels that adding housing is the key to making this theme park successful because of more attractions.

Families will need more time to see everything.

What's fun at Legoland?

So far, sights to see is the Duplo area, Mia’s Riding Adventure, Heartlake City, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Imagination Zone and a water park; some with rides and other with stage shows. Next year comes a World of Ninjago. “A little bit at a time,” says Jones.

Each month, Legoland features special days of fun, such as Star Wars Days, Firefighter Fridays, Fifth Birthday (since the park is 5 years old), Brick or Treat for October, and Christmas Bricktacular in December.

Legoland focuses on age groups from two to 12, featuring starter coasters and attractions. The youngest of visitors will find rides to accommodate their size versus the restrictions at larger theme parks in the Orlando area. Parents sometimes use this attraction as filler to their vacations to Disney because Legoland in Winter Garden is less than an hour’s drive from Orlando, Fla.

Since Legoland is forever growing, there is just so much to see, and one day is sometimes not enough.

This is why housing accommodations are of importance to this area.

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