Eating healthy is an important part of maintaining overall wellness and so being mindful of the kinds of snacks that children consume is a constant task for parents. Yet, no matter how healthy the food you feed your child is, it can be difficult to find containers that keep the food fresh even on the go. Kinderville is a new company that is dedicated to producing safe and colorful storage containers for snacks; in 2016 they released“Eazy Squeezy” bags to carry fruit purees and/or yogurt and sandwich pouches.

Although they work around the same concept as Tupperware and Zip-Lock bags, Kinderville focuses specifically on families with small children.


Kinderville was started in 2008 by husband and wife team Oliver and Kathleen Albers since they were unable tofind a safe and transportable product in which to store and serve their baby’s food. From their humble beginnings, the brand has expanded into a full product line including sandwich and snack pouches, bibs and containers. The products are all free of harmful chemicals and rendered from entirelyfood-grade silicone.The Albers wantedtoincorporate their German and Austrian heritage into the brand via the name.

Since “Kinder”translated means “children” and“ville” can translate to “village” the name “Kinderville” seemed instantly appropriate. Currently, there are nine colorful products available including easy-to-store bowls and cups. The bright hues of yellow, green, blue, orange and red certainly add appeal for children and have proven popular with parents, too. New prodict development is always on their minds.

“We like to think of ourselves as inventors,” said Oliver Albers.“We pride ourselves on working to provide safe alternatives to kids, and also helping families towards aeco-friendly lifestyle.” Thus far, the brand has enjoyed recognition; the “Eazy Squeezy” was just crowned the Winner of The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval--something that the Albers regard as a big honor.


In ten years the Albers hope that their company will be a globally known brand that is trusted by children and caregivers alike.

Although they are currently focusing on all silicone items, they are always on the look-out for new items that they can introduce under the brand’s umbrella. “We are willing to expand into other kinds of products but we just need to make sure that they are safe and healthy for consumers, good for the environment, and help to promote positive lifestyles for families,” Kathleen stated. “Kinderville always has a few things up our sleeve, but folks will just have to wait a bit and be surprised when those new products, and potentially categories, come to market.” Kinderville recently appeared at Editor’s Showcase, an event that introduced the company to national editors and producers who were looking for products to feature in their holiday gift guides.

Kinderville is also planning a few other events around the country and will keep their fans updated about when those events have been solidified.

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