Canadian brothers Peter and Chris Neal are the founders of Neal Brothers Foods. Dedicated foodies that have been offering the public delicious snacks since 1988, the brothers have become icons of the Canadian food scene and frequently travel across the globe in search of new flavors and recipes. In 2015, the dynamic duo released a self-published book titled “Goodness Recipes & Stories” that features recipes from thirty-seven food-experts across Canada. Ultimately, they have a goal of raising money for Community Food Centres in Canada through sales of the book and they have been actively promoting its content throughout 2016.

Moreover, Neal Brothers Foods recently launched their line of gourmet, all-natural and healthy “Kettle Cooked Chips.” The unique flavors include “Montreal Steak Spice” and “Maple Bacon.” The brothers started their company as a grassroots venture in the family kitchen and watched it grow into a full-blown business. Philanthropy remains a big part of the corporation’s mission and the Neal brothers are active supporters of The Stop Community Food Center as well as Community Food Centers Canada, of which Peter Neal is part of the National Advisory. Recently, Peter Neal spoke about his experiences working in the food industry and his hopes for the future.

The business

Blasting News (BN): When did you first realize that you wanted to make a career in food?

Peter Neal (PN): I opened a bag of Cape Cod potato chips in 1987 and I was hooked!

BN: You started your company in your family kitchen. How did it expand into an enterprise?

PN: My brother and I loved running our initial small food business so we committed ourselves to building one big enough to earn a living and have always been focused on growth.

BN: To date, how many edible items have you designed and sold?

PN: Approximately 30,000,000 items!

BN: What are your favorite foods?

PN: Local tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, pata negra jamon, scallops, lemon meringue pie, pumpkin pie, corn salsa, organic blue corn, flax tortillas, "Pink Himalayan" chips and srirachup chips!

The book

BN: You recently released a book about food. Can you tell us a little more about its content?

PN: “Goodness Recipes & Stories” Cookbook features 37 people from across Canada who embody goodness – we tell the stories of what these people are doing in their communities and share two recipes from each.The book is a charitable endeavor aimed to raise awareness and funds for Community Food Centers Canada (CFCC). The organization advocates for access to healthy foods and works hard to improve the lives of low-income Canadians. The book has been really successful thus far--it’s been on best seller lists and even won some awards.

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is striving to enter the food industry?

PN: Be prepared for a lot of hard work and low margins and enjoy the ride; this is a very friendly and supportive industry.

The future

BN: Career wise, do you hope to bein ten years?

PN: I hope to continue to be building and growing a business and spending more time with my charitable work…..and hopefully some more time travelling the world with my wife.

BN: Are there any upcoming events--or inventions--that you would like to mention?

PN: We are always working on new innovation and will continue to expand our presence in the United States market.

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