Illustration can take on a variety of forms from comic books to websites, children publishing, and design. With so many different directions, drawing a path success can be an optimal choice for many creatives.

Children's Publishing

Illustrating art for children's books is an excellent way to express your artwork especially for those who enjoy drawing animals and children. Plus, if you have writing chops, combining words with illustrations can not only promote your many talents, but is also a strengthening exercise in storytelling.

Web Design

Web design is constantly evolving thanks to the imagination of illustrators. Recently, organic art has paved the way for innovative design. In addition, designers are always looking for unique "buttons" and "social media icons" which brings us to our next topic...


People are always creating, and re creating logos. An illustrator has the ability to solve problems and create a solution. In other words, capturing a brand through imagery. Many small businesses and designers enjoy hiring illustrators to create there logos and share their mission through an appealing visual.


Stay at home moms and dads always need stationary. Whether it is celebrating their children's birthday party, or sending a letter to grandma, stationary can be a great outlet for upcoming illustrators. There are endless possibilities for custom cards from creating handmade art, graphic design to embellishing stationary paper with paint, gems and glitter. is a wonderful source for piloting a startup stationary business.

Make sure to stay on top of holidays and your stationary business just might take off!

Promotional Material

Startups, charities, musicians, and local events are always looking for illustrators to make eye-catching promotional material. Flyers, brochures, business cards, and postcards are some of the many promotional mediums illustrators can use to contribute their art.

Clothing & Products

The possibilities are endless when it comes to illustrating patterns for products.

From statement making t-shirts, decorative mugs, original cellphone cases, and shoe design, illustrators patterns can be printed on just about anything. Stores like Zazzle allow users to see what their art looks like on a number of products, and receive a royalty for every item sold.

Comic Books

If your an illustrator who enjoys drawing perspective, then comic books may be the right path for you. Visit your library and check out the comic book section. Expose yourself to all of the competition, and find your niche.


If your like me, then you love doodling cartoons with unique expressions and silly faces.

Cartooning can bring to life the unusual, unnatural, and supernatural. Remember "All Real Monsters" or "The Simpsons?" These quirky cartoons (what ever they may be) would have never been possible without the unique imagination of a cartoonist mindset.


Once you've established your inanimate cartoons, try looking into animation. Modern technology has given cartoonists the ability to create movement among their characters. Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network are always on the hunt for the next Spongebob Squarepants.

Well, what will it be? Big eyed cartoons, carefully created comic books, or beautiful stationary?

This industry may be difficult to get started in, but once you have built yourself a portfolio of style, your niche will fall naturally.

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