Pokemon Go is a game, not an Exercise app, but you’d be hard pressed to convince the many people who’ve lost weight while playing. Anecdotal stories of people shedding pounds in the quest to catch ‘em all are all over the internet.While it might not be the most effective type of exercise, playing Pokemon Go is certainly better than being sedentary. Many aspects of the game center on physical activity. For example, you have to walk either 2, 5, or 10 kilometers to hatch an egg, and you have a better chance of catching more and better Pokemon if you walk and explore new areas.If you’re hoping to use Pokemon Go as a way to get some exercise, and perhaps even shed a few extra pounds, here are some ways to do it:

Wear broken-in shoes to play Pokemon Go

It’s easy to lose yourself in Pokemon Go without realizing just how far you’re walked.

That’s why it’s good for exercise, because it makes physical exertion fun. Unfortunately, that also means blisters and sore feet if you wear the wrong kind of shoes. Wear a well broken-in pair, even if you don’t intend to walk very far. That way, you won’t pay the price if you do more activity than you planned.

Wear comfortable clothing to play Pokemon Go

Even though Pokemon Go involves a lot of stop and go as you pause to catch creatures or perhaps battle at a gym, you’re still likely to work up a sweat. Wear the same type of clothes you’d put on for a brisk walk or jog or any other type of strenuous exercise. If you’re playing in the sun, be sure to use a good sunblock to protect your skin, too.

Use Pokemon Go as a way to help you change unhealthy habits

Pokemon Go has gotten people off the couch and into the great outdoors by the millions. Walking is a great first step toward a healthier lifestyle and getting more exercise, but you can use the game as inspiration for other good habits, too.

For example, when you’re tempted to eat a sugary snack, think about how long you’d have to hunt Pokemon to burn off the calories. Putting it in that perspective might help you resist.

Set micro goals to keep Pokemon Go fun

Pokemon Go is initially exciting as your trainer levels up and you add new catches to your Pokedex.

However, it becomes much harder to level up when you reach level 20 to 25 and the required XP soars. It’s also not as exciting to catch yet another Pidgey or Ratatta because you’ve found just about all the rare catches that show up in your neighborhood. Setting your own goals can help you keep from losing interest. For example, those common Magikarp turn into Gyarados if you manage to collect 400 candies. Challenge yourself to see how many Magikarp you can farm. Challenge yourself to do as many evolutions as possible using a Lucky Egg that doubles your XP. In order to do that, you’ll need around 70 critters ready to evolve, so get out there and grab those 12 candy Pidgeys.

Don’t worry if you don’t lose weight playing Pokemon Go

You may have heard of success stories like the British man who shed 28 pounds in 20 days catching Pokemon. He walked the equivalent of five marathons to do so, but the average player isn’t likely to match that distance. Ideally, you’ll lose some weight of your own if you play the game regularly, especially when combined with dietary changes, but don’t get discouraged if the numbers on the scale don’t move down. Walking is healthy, both physically and mentally. For example, in addition to the physical benefits, it can help fight depression. Weight loss isn’t the only measure of success for Pokemon Go or any other exercise program. Stop weighing yourself and pay attention to other positives, like how you feel, instead.

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