Ladies love rings especially when its coming from a man. They love to flaunt it as a mark of their engagement, a symbol of acceptance and a seal to their commitment to a long relationship. They wave their hands at any slightest opportunity to say “hi” to a friend along the street at least they should know she’s engaged. The ring serves as a form of identity, a new status that her tender heart now belongs to a crush.

Reading through a man's mind

That is the way we were made to believe and of course, that is what some young guys think of whenever they want to get the attention and commitment of a lady either to get them to bed or to restrict them from being chased around by other men - jealousy.

The marriage proposal

You know that kind of drama that plays out at the center of a shopping mall in Wisconsin or on the street of New York where a guy gets down on his knees, while folks watch on with amazement and jealousy. He removes a box from his pocket and opens it while steering at his crush, and still in the sight of all, he holds the lady’s fingers, whispers some love tunes and ends it with the words “please marry me”. He puts the finger in her hands while the girl is carried away by blistering emotions.

She ‘wows’ the excitement of being engaged as she covers her eyes with surprise.

The emotions ladies attach to engagement rings

At last, here comes the engagement ring. In her mind, she’s reached a stage of no return because she has in her front the man she’s gonna be with for the rest of her life, the cool guy from Manhattan. She immediately moves closer to this wonder of a guy with a warm hug and probably a public kiss (You can always get that in L.A.).

She is probably wrong, as most ladies have been.

Psychologists either at Harvard, Yale or Chicago have not been able to read the deepest intentions of our hearts. Most of their findings are guesses and mostly incomplete. It does seem impossible to investigate the motive behind a young man giving out an engagement ring to a young lady, especially when the lady in question is deeply carried away by deep feelings.

Unfortunately, a lot of young men had taken advantage of the social value we place on engagement ringsas a society. I have come across young men who boast of getting ladies to bed after giving them the ring.

I may have let the cat out of the bag for some folks who intend to try that engagement ringstunt to get down on a lady. Well, sorry guys and better luck next time. I’m happy to inform you that I’m a carrier of bad news because any lady reading this wouldn’t fall into this snare. To all ladies out there, if the ring is worth a fortune, (the million dollar stuff bought by Kanye), you have a choice to make.

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