Shimmer and Shine is a preschool TV series that has quickly become Nick Jr.'s most successful and popular franchise for young girls. The show chronicles the adventures of two young genies named Shimmer (pink) and Shine (blue) and their adventures granting wishes. Noting the long-running relationship between the media and the toy industry, it is unsurprising that this colorful series has inspired a number of toys and games aimed primarily at girls between the ages of two and six.

Shimmer and Shine has been doing phenomenally well on the rating charts.

In fact, although the show is geared at children between the ages of two and five, it's imaginative concept and sparkly world is proving to hold appeal to children as old as eleven...and even adults who are fantasy fans are taking notice of the series. In July of 2016, Nickelodeon was the number-one destination for preschoolers with the month’s top 5 preschool programs on all TV belonging to the network. Hence, it is not surprising that apps, games, toys and other media celebrating Shimmer and Shine--voted girls' favorite franchise--have become increasingly commonplace.

Wish & Spin

Mattel's Fisher Price brand recently released two Wish & Spin dolls which are quickly proving to be some of the most popular items in the Shimmer and Shineline. In many ways, these large-sized dolls are much akin to the jumbo-sized remote-controlled Ninja Turtle figurines released by JAKKs Pacific last year. Both Shimmer and Shine (which are sold separately) light up, state catch phrases and spin in circles just like the characters do on the show when they are in the process of granting a wish.

The Wish & Spin dolls are sturdy and have soft hair that children can style; they even come with brushes. The dolls are made with vibrant plastic that is inlaid withglitter. Both models are also adorned with rhinestone necklaces and bracelets that light up and each one comes with half a magic bottle that can be worn as a necklace. If you get both dolls, the bottles can be combined into one full necklace.

These toys work as advertised and are quite sturdy but they lack some of the details that have made the show so successful. For instance, each half of the bottle necklace is made from single-colored plastic and does not include any rhinestones or other adornments.Likewise, the dolls are somewhat bulky and they are not very flexible so they are not as interactive as a child might expect.


The Shimmer and Shine playsets--which are also produced by Mattel--are far smaller than the Wish & Spin dolls but they also include more details and characters such as Tala--Shimmer's pet monkey--and Nahal, Shine's pet Bengal tiger cub.

For instance, the Float and Sing Palace Friends set by Fisher Price is a water-proof toy that includes a Shimmer figurine, a Shine figurine and two figurines rendered to look like Tala and Nahal. The Magic Flying Carpet playset is another offering in the line that includes incredible attention to detail and the ability to make both characters zoom about the room via a wind-up mechanism.These playsets are filled with intricate designs that will definitely grab children’s attention. However, like the sets offered by Splashlings and Littlest Petshop, they do include small parts and might not be suitable for younger fans of the show.

Additional merchandise

Aside from playthings, Shimmer and Shine have inspired merchandise in a number of other markets--backpacks, shoes, school supplies, water paints, clothing, Halloween costumes--the list goes on and on.Like SpongeBob Squarepants and Disney Princesses, Shimmer and Shine are quickly becoming household names that will likely hold appeal to future generations of children as well. Hence, it is certainly worth keeping an eye on what this franchise has to offer in the near future.

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