Style for a man isn't just about fashion, and in Footaction's docuseries, Footaction Free Flow, E-40, Omarion, BJ the Chicago Kid and Casey Veggies highlight that for any fans willing to listen. Framed in the course of a cross-country flight from New York to L.A., the men sit and talk about what style is--what makes them feel comfortable, the influences on their style, their daily activities, etc. All of it outlining a basic foundation for how all men should live their lives is what E-40 said, "stay humble, put 100% in everything you do, network (rock with those who rock with you) and don't sell your soul (sell out)." Any man can buy Footaction clothing and within his own confidence and comfort, wear things that make him feel like himself and in doing that, allow him to be successful in his work life, social life, family life, etc.

Listen to the basic outline of the conversation

All the men highlighted here, contribute to the music industry as performers and artists. They are disciplined in the craft of making music and the love they have for their work is what makes them feel comfortable. Casey Veggies confessed that he packs too much at times when selecting his clothes, BJ commented that he basically chooses clothing on how he is feeling that night and Omarion stated his preference for solid colors. Simply put that even though these men have been ultra successful in their careers, there is no division between them and any regular working professional. Looking at the Footaction Flow series video, workers are taking their bags and they are riding in a luxury van to the airport, ready to take a chartered flight but a man can be comfortable with himself and in whatever clothes if he is riding coach.

Artists don't live in a better world from regular people

E-40 even brings it up in some "wisdom gems" he drops on the plane--flying a chartered flight is great but that is a quick way to go broke because a lot of people who do that are flying on someone else's money. So the perception of having more money is not always true and it isn't always a shrewd way to live life.

According to BJ, he gave reverence to E-40 and Omarion as the "OG's of the game" and Omarion brought up music industry changes from when he started till now, i.e. his commitment to his work allows him to reflect. Any man could identify with the basic precepts outlined in the Footaction flow series and apply it to his own life to develop his style.


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