Since 2013, stylish and fit-minded women have flocked to Fabletics, a monthly subscription-based online retailer that features high quality, affordable Athleisure wear. The company, which is a subsidiary of JustFab, was Co-Founded by Kate Hudson, and many of its outfits were designed by the actress. Now, fans of the line can shop via new brick-and-mortar stores that are set to open this month.

Celebs hop on the athleisure trend

Many fashion insiders credit brands like lululemon for making athleisure apparel popular.

Since the early 2010s, lululemon and other brands started making yoga gear and gym clothing that moved beyond basic sweat pants to cute, fashion forward apparel that could be worn everyday. Hudson, well known as much for her fitness routine as her acting, decided to join in on the trend, and Fabletics has since grown exponentially. Internet estimates that the brand is set to earn over $250 million in 2016.

Making the move to the mall

Fabletics has a handful of stores in various cities in the country, and it plans on opening up to 100 stores within the next three years.

According to a article "Fabletics, Kate Hudson's Controversial Athleisure Brand, Plans To Open 100 Stores" by Clare O'Connell, "the new outpost will function as a laboratory of sorts as executives develop a brick-and-mortar strategy for the fast-growing athleisure line." With only seven stores, the company can monitor how successful its in-person sales strategies are before committing to more locations.

Available and affordable fashion

One of the key selling points for Fabletics is that the merchandise is high quality, similar to other popular athleisure brands, but it's also affordable. Its online service is subscription based, with customers receiving new looks monthly, having the option to buy or skip the month. Subscribers (also known as VIP members) are given discounts on merchandise. These prices are a big part of the brand's popularity, as they are considerably less than prices for comparable athleisure pieces.

Athleisure wear is comfy, stylish and effortless, and the popularity of Fabletics capitalizes on this idea. Since flipping an online retailer into a brick-and-mortar store is a relatively new undertaking in the world of retail, it's hard to determine how successful the strategy will be. But chances are, you will soon be able to shop at a Fabletics store near you.

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