For a first-time visitor to Berlin, itcan certainly be a challenging undertaking, regardless if on business or vacation. Together with a population of approximately 5 million inhabitants and an area of 6,700 square miles makes Berlin one of Europe's largest metropolises.

Berlin is known to have one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world, allowing visitors to select many different means to navigate the city. Having said that, nothing is more exciting than to explore the city on foot. To be able to get a perspective of the city, wandering the streets of this energetic metropolis will provide visitors with a better insight of the people and the history that make Berlin what it is today.


The Tiergarten is Berlin’s largest public park and a very popular spot among locals and tourists. If you wish to escape from the crowd, a stroll along the Spree River is very relaxing, or possibly a walk along the Neuer See, a lake very popular with Berliner's.

Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg is Berlin's largest palace and one of the most stunning palaces in Europe. Surrounding this magnificent palace is a one-of-a-kind baroque garden that opens up into a landscaped park that is adorned with a selection of magnificent architectural mastery. The palace is comprised of extravagantly furnished rooms and halls consisting of outstanding art collections along with extraordinary works of art.

The palace also happens to be home to one of the most important collections of French paintings outside of France dating back to the 18th century.


For those that prefer something a little more unusual, a visit to the Weinerei won't disappoint; it is a wine-lovers dream come true. Entering the establishment is somewhat interesting.

Here's how it works; as soon as you enter, you pay one Euro for a glass, and then help yourself to a variety of wines, in some cases up to twenty select wines. When you have finished drinking, find out what is cooking for the evening. You can eat as often as you want and pay only what you think is reasonable.

On your way out, be sure to drop the money into the bucket by the door. There are a number of these places throughout the city, however, the best one is located on Zionkirchestrassee 40.

Berlin Radio Tower

Among the most famous landmarks related to the city is the Berlin Radio Tower (Berliner Funkturm). A unique feature associated with the radio tower is the fact that its base rests on large porcelain insulators. The radio tower may well be the world's only observation tower resting on porcelain insulators. The elevator carries visitors up to the restaurant and observation platform. Along with an open-air observation deck at 121 meters, visitors have a panoramic view of the city. Shortly after, it's time for a relaxing meal on top of the radio tower's restaurant situated approximately 52 meters above the ground.

The menu features a number of delicious items at an affordable price.

Berlin TV Tower

Among the many unique structures representing the city is the Berliner Fernsehturm (Berlin TV Tower). With a 360 degree view from above, a visit to the Berlin TV Tower is not to be overlooked. With a height of 1,197 feet, it is the tallest structure in Berlin. The landmark symbolizes a renewed focus of a reunified Berlin. Two high-speed elevators carry visitors to the top in just 40 seconds. From a height of 666 feet, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire city and surrounding area. A little further up is a revolving restaurant wherein visitors can indulge in a pleasant meal while taking in a spectacular view of the city.

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