Death is constant and we are afraid of dying, except for a few folks who strap bombs on their chest with such enthusiasm and zeal that makes people wonder, "is this for real?". Martyrs who lay down their lives for the promise of eternal bliss and the young men and women who enroll in the armed forces, knowing fully well that they could die in battle make us wonder still how death could be a phenomenon that could be desired.

What Happens To Our Loved Ones?

We all mourn our beloved and we often wish they could be here with us and spend the summer time together, but we are often comforted or discomforted about where they are or what has become of them depending on the belief system we hold.

Religionand belief systemall over the world have generated controversies as you don’t really know the real deal. They have different versions of heaven and some give an impression that few seconds after death, the situation in the great beyond is scary and tense, dark and filled with apprehension.

Different Strokes for Different Folks.

They painted a picture of vampires and werewolves who surround the dead with the aim of dragging him/her to hell. The act of praying for the dead often comes out of the uncertainty and fear generated due to our inability to know what is really happening.

It is the belief in most religions and cultures that praying for the dead will chase away demons and the scary vampires, making the dead soul bold and possibly fight back or be helped by attacking Angels or supernatural beings. Some portray death as a transformation and they believe that we will become immortals and enjoy the luxury of eternal bliss which surpasses earthly pleasures.

Even the picture of heavenly bliss has different versions.

Some religions talk of heaven as full of flowers, some of the gold and precious things, some of the beautiful virgins to satisfy men’s sexual desires. In some other belief systems, there is simply nothing of such kind. They argue that we are all coming back to face the consequences of our actions through reincarnation and this is the reason for the caste system in India. We can either choose to believe or decide not to.

To religious folks, it is probably best to play it safe.

We Are Taking a Risk.

Their line of argument is based on “what if”? To Atheists, however, they can become free from the burden associated with the confusion and controversies inherent in many religions. If you ask me “what happens when we die”? I might be tempted to reply, “from which point of view would you like to know?” Everyone is likely going to choose the version which prevails in the environment he/she finds him/herself in or may decide to deviate and just wait to breathe his last and discover what is really there.

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