Creativity and crafting are presently very on-trend activities. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects have become a favorite pastime for millions of people, and the Internet has made it easier than ever to find new and enjoyable projects to partake in.Craftsy is one such art and crafts online website that is dedicated to producing quality DIY interactive videotutorialsfor people of all ages.

Akin to 101 Crafts, Brit + Co. and Dick Blick’s YouTube Channel, Craftsy aims to teach people how to master new skills--most of them artistic--through video content. In the summer of 2016, Craftsy announced thelaunch of their new "Culinary All-Star Series" that helps people learn how to make an assortment of recipes.

Cooking was added to Craftsy’s roster based entirely on popular demand.

“Our members wanted great educational cooking content from top instructors that goes beyond what is currently beingshown on TV, in magazines, or on 30 second Facebook food videos,” said CEO John Levisay. “Making things and sharing with others is an incredible and powerful and gratifying activity. It's incredibly fulfilling to learn new skills and then apply them.”


Craftsy employs over 750 instructors that host a variety of HD video lesson workshops and/or Facebook events. Since its launch in2012, the company has given more than 10 million students access to virtual instructors anytime, anywhere on any device. Students even have the capability to stop and start tutorial lessons--and these pauses are very helpful when someone wants to work at their own pace.

The Craftsy platform also lets people share projects and ask their instructors one-on-one questions. Moreover, all Craftsy students are granted lifetime access to all purchased workshops andcan customize their learning experience by bookmarking certain segments and/or techniques. Students can also contact each other via the platform.

Now there are more than 130 cooking and baking classes available that cover a range of subjects including bread baking, world cuisines and technique-oriented topics such as roasting and braising.


Thenew culinary program fits well with Craftsy’s model of operation. The chefs partaking in this endeavor include Ellie Krieger who focuses on healthy meals,Jacques Torres who specializes in chocolate cake, southern food expertVirginia Willis, Moroccan food chef Alia Al Kasimi and classic desserts masterElizabeth Falkner.

These chefs are all stars of the Food Network and James Beard Award winners. Future workshops will be hosted byGemma StaffordandJocelyn Delk Adams.“Our teachers are experts in their fields but they're also able to explain culinary concepts and techniques in ways that resonate with home cooks and bakers,” said Cooking & Baking Acquisitions Editor Denise Mickelsen. “There is a lot of food media out there, but we're proving that people are willing and happy to pay for curated food content when it's professionally produced and taught by the very best.”


Due in part to the addition of food content, Craftsy’s popularity is rapidly increasing, much to the delight of its founders. “Ultimately, I want Craftsy to be the de facto online destination for people who want to get better at what they love to do, whether they are a beginner or already in a hobby,” John Levisay stated.

“Our ongoing mission at Craftsy is to provide our members with the tools to fuel self-expression and joy. We wake up every day trying to make sure our members continue to feel like they are learning valuable lessons through our offerings, and we plan to continue doing this well into the future.”

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