There has been a lot of opinions on the new research that is exploding all over the Internet the past few days. Research shows that cockroaches may have the answer to better health in their milk.Pacific Beetle Roach (Diploptera punctata) gives birth and carries her young inside her body until they can fend for themselves almost like humans. The milk proteins produced by these roaches also lack Methionine and Tryptophan…amino acids humans need for survival. So using the milk as a food source would not help humans much.

However, the protein init can be used in medicines.

How do we get milk from the Roach?

It takes a person roughly a half of a day to harvest the milk from up to three cockroaches. The process is a little graphic due to the fact that the scientist has to cut out the milk mid-gut. You have to get the milk at the right time during the cockroaches life cycle which would be around 40 days. This is the time the cockroach begins to lactate for its young.

Why do we want it

The milkconsists ofthree types of very similar proteins.

It contains all the essential amino acids required for proper cell growth. It also contains lipids we need to keep ourselves healthy,anditis also highly glycosylated.This means that the cockroach milk has more energy-boosting ingredients than any other. It has four times more energythan cow milk, and three times more than buffalo.

Since milk loses some of its nutrients when it is in liquid form, the crystalized milk from cockroaches does not lose any nutrients, giving it the energy it has.

Ten cockroaches produce about half a milliliter of product so it is estimated that 100 grams would involve killing upwards of 1,000 cockroaches. This does not seem like an efficient way of obtaining this nutritional goodness.

What form will they put it in?

Since getting the milk and turning it into the kind you drink, cockroach milk has a more viable future as a pill. Scientists say that pill form is not too far into the future.

The removal of the milk is quite easy so eventually it can be an automated process.

Who knew that the nasty little bugs would benefit the human race?

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