Chipotle has been in the News a lot recently for misfortunes surrounding its chain. Therefore, the Mexican grill is doing something to lure customers back since many of them have been staying away. The chain was affected by an E. coli outbreak in 14 states. The breakout has been over since last February, but customers still have not returned. Therefore, Chipotle is giving away free food and drinks during the entire month of September. This is the restaurant's attempt to get its regular customers back and to bring in new ones.

Eligibility for food and drinks

Children age 12 and under can eat free in the restaurant every Sunday in September as long as they are with an adult who purchases a regular meal. Students with proof of identification can get a free drink every day in September if they order a burrito, tacos or a salad. Free drinks do not include alcoholic beverages or bottled drinks. From February to May of this year, Chipotle gave away about $70 million worth of coupons for free food. Chipotle also gave away free drinks during happy hour in eight states.

Chipotle's attempts to get customers back

The company lost 30 percent of its sales during the first quarter of 2016. Even though the chain is offering free food and drinks, there is noguarantee that this attempt will bring in more sales. The free food and drinks giveaway is just another one of the burrito chain's ways to get customers to return. Last March Chipotle gave away 21 million coupons for free burritos.

The E. Coli outbreaklast year damaged Chipotle's reputation. The 22-year-old restaurant is having a hard time assuring its regular customers that the food is safe to eat. It is so ironic that customers stayed away because of a food issue, and Chipotle is using free food to lure them back. The restaurant will be able to determine if giving away freebies will help the chain. One thing is for sure. Chipotle won’t be able to continue giving away free food forever.

At least the offer is for September. What are officials going do for October and November

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