Whenever anyone makes plans for their vacation, typically the most popular vacation spots always pop up such as Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California, New York City and the Caribbean. At the same time, there are a multitude of amazing travel destinations in the United States that are often ignored, locations that give travelers more value for their money. The following are a few locations which are every bit as fun and exciting making it all the more grateful as to what America has to offer.

Cleveland, Ohio

When was the last time you visited Cleveland? More than likely, the answer would be never; unless of course, you happen to live in the Midwest.

Which also means that you possibly never had a chance to experience the striking architecture of Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or observed the famous handwritten lyrics of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” But that is just a tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other interesting things to do and see while visiting Cleveland such as attending a performance by the Cleveland Orchestra, visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art, or perhaps attending a Cleveland Indians baseball game. Staying a few extra days and don't know what to do? Take a short drive to Sandusky, Ohio, often referred to as the “roller coaster Capital of the World."

Austin, Texas

Texas is another state which features a rich history making it fun to explore.

Austin, the capital of Texas, provides visitors with top-notch entertainment along with some of the friendliest people representing a small town atmosphere. The capital is home to the University of Texas and also one of the most impressive architectural landmarks; the Texas State Capitol building. Music buffs will feel right at home listening to some of the finest live music performances.

It's not surprising that Austin is referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” For those that appreciate fine works of art and culture can explore one of the city's twenty museums and galleries.

Bangor, Maine

If you enjoy outdoor adventures then Bangor, Maine will definitely want to be on your next trip schedule.

This charming New England city is home to Stephen King, one of America's greatest authors of contemporary horror and suspense. Bangor offers visitors with a wide variety of outdoor activities most notably exploring the Maine Highlands, hiking Acadia National Park, as well as visiting picturesque fishing villages. Together with neighboring mountain ranges, coastlines, lakes, and rivers, you can be sure that Bangor will provide a memorable vacation experience for the outdoor enthusiast.

These are only a handful of the travel destinations most often overlooked. There are a great many others just waiting to be discovered. Perhaps the biggest advantage when choosing one of these vacation spots is the amount of money you can save.

The best way to obtain these special discount rates is to check the website of the location you are visiting. Most Travel packages often include airline and hotel accommodations with a higher discount rate.

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